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closer to home

Choropleths or Data Maps (Tufte) are great at displaying a ton of information in a condensed format.  Following Graphical Excellence we can keep the data coherent by not changing the scale or representation we can maintain the mental model of… Continue Reading →

ikea ball pit – not quite

When I first saw this visualization, I was automatically reminded of the IKEA ball pits.  I remember my parents dropping me off in this area while they went shopping.  Goes to show you how long its’ been around.  Back to… Continue Reading →

states and stacked bars

In keeping with today’s current theme, here is a state wide (USA) listing of all major league world series.  I feel like this is actually an interesting way of representing state wide data.  Can fit quite a bit in this… Continue Reading →

arcs and lines and fun stuff

Recently, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around visualizations involving multiple dimensions of data and geospatial information.  This visualization in combination with the one I posted yesterday, had given me an idea!  Ideas are good, right? Thinking rather than… Continue Reading →

Ball of Yarn

Here’s a visualization that I’m sure has it’s application.  However, to me, this is a poor choice of visualization for the data (which is not actually indicated) . It looks like a ball of yarn .

TFL Bus Routes

Quote from the author (re: youtube) – live position data of the buses traveling through TFL.  Lines represent routes with each individual dot representing the bus.  Topographic sort of view is extended to make viewing a bit easier, but in… Continue Reading →

In Flanders Fields…

Each poppy is representative of a war within the last century that had atleast 10,000 deaths. The stem grows from the year in which the war started and flowers/blooms when the war ended.  The size of the poppy is representative… Continue Reading →

Cool Map Visualization

If I had more time on my current visualization, this would be the next sort of visualization I would consider creating.  I created similar sketches to this at the beginning of finding this current dataset – it fits well with… Continue Reading →

improvements incoming

While this data vis is interesting, creating this sort of wheel of emotion or personal drive, I think if there were more than 2 dimensions or things being compared we would begin to lose a lot of detail.  In fact,… Continue Reading →

Sprinkling a little Tufte in your life

While this is not a data visualization, I’ve been looking up a bit of literature from Tufte, specifically on Graphical Excellence.  Here’s one little tidbit I came across.

Musical Viz

Using pastel colours and a couple vis in one layout/dashboard I thought this visualization was rather simplistic yet elegant.  The artists aligned on the right are modern artists from what I can tell, and they’re relationship with different genres of… Continue Reading →

carbon footprints

interesting interactive vis on carbon footprints, reminded me of the subject meika is working on.

a little colour for your day

bob rossing it out – adding a little colour into your life.  for me, visually appealing, without interaction to isolate trends or specific points it may be a bit difficult to discern especially in areas of significant overlap.

parallel or not

thought it was an interesting looking visualization, would people consider this a spin on parallel coords ?

eat your heart out sankey


reminded me of sasha’s take on a time lapse

here comes the sun

while it may be visually appealing i find this visualization slightly difficult to interpret.  not a major fan.

a spin on tradition

layout maps and graphs

So much data

Didn’t quite understand what the vis was about because it’s another language, however, look at all that data.  Check out the use of so many different scales.  This thing is packed full of goodness.

Keeping the map ball rolling

Thought this was an interesting visualization.  First, it reminded me of Winamp (I think that’s how it was spelled), anyone remember that puppy?  None the less, I thought this was a cool spin on data visualization in the 3d sense. … Continue Reading →

Another map vis

Another map visualization that utilizes this “texturing” / 3d technique but in a different sort of way.  Here we have a view of all the streams and rivers throughout the US.  It uses open source QGIS software to pull in… Continue Reading →

Map Visualization

  Lately, I’ve been looking at visualizing data on maps.  This was actually one idea I had in mind – very similar, it was interesting when today, I came across this.  I don’t have the skills necessary at this point… Continue Reading →


Truthfully, I just liked the aesthetics of this viz.

Jobs – Recession

This visualization looks at different sectors and respective jobs.  Plotted over time.  Pretty nifty use of the sort of double stacked bar chart.


Check out this sankey !  Freddy Mercury seems to dominate.

Tableau it

Tableau, Excel, D3, Google Charts, Microsoft Power BI – all great softwares for visualizations.  They are becoming very rich in their feature sets that visualizations like the one above are possible with minimal effort (re: Tableau)

Transportation Comparison

See: http://cargocollective.com/intermodaldatavis/Intermodal-Challenge-Datavis This visualization seeks to visualize the ideal method of transportation for Curitiba at any given time of the day.  The length of the arc is representative of increasing speed.  The scale along the bottom details the time of day… Continue Reading →

I’d rather be a sparrow than a snail

Interactive emotion based visualization that deals with various artists and their lyrics.  In this case we have the one and only Simon and Garfunkel.   When an artist is selected, it highlights and shifts the focus to the words and emotions… Continue Reading →

Try to see it my way

This little diddy comes to us all the way from GE.  This was an interactive visualization that showcased the words used in internal reports over the last century .

Wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door

So in the last 5+ posts I made I noticed the images don’t show up unless you click on the actual thread.  Sad times indeed.  In the spirit of all things Beatles today folks, check out this little diddy related… Continue Reading →

34 UN Global Environment Outlook

Peep this.  created for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).  Cool spin on the traditional tree like structure.

The Beatles – Working Schedule

Thought this infographic was great!  Ever wonder what months and years had the beatles in studio / working the most ?  You can find out.  During their start it seems they were very busy throughout most of the year, as… Continue Reading →

Geek Zodiac

  Find your sign.  Thought this was an interesting little infographic?  Packs a lot of years into the mix, uses a variation of colours to map to signs.  Where there are multiple representations, it utilizes a multiple colour wheel.  I… Continue Reading →

Starbucks vs McDonalds

Infographic ! Ref: Princeton University website   Not a major fan of this info graphic.  However, we most definitely can see that McDonald’s dominates portions of western Europe.  Bonus for that, however, compare North America, not so easy to decipher,… Continue Reading →

Strange things be happening

Somewhat inspired by the recent release of Stranger Things 2 – I was in the mood to search out some lightning related images.  This one is representative of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (see: CoinDesk).  I thought, alright this is cool.  We… Continue Reading →


Is this an infographic or even a visualization of data?  No.  Could it be, most definitely I feel.  I liked this image, I thought not only could the colour palette / ramp symbolize some form of data or another but… Continue Reading →

Radiohead meets Man in the machine meets Swarm

Just thought it was a bit cool.  The face, perhaps a bit dated in terms of the simplicity, but maybe that’s what makes it cool. When I look at this, I think swarm, I think man in the machine, I… Continue Reading →

Worldwide Google Search Volume

Decent right?  I find it definitely a bit hard to dial in on the key volumes when comparing for example cities throughout the US.  However, if more interactivity was offered, perhaps to change perspectives and explore the data more in… Continue Reading →

The Internet

Ever wonder what the internet looks like?  Here it is.  This is a visual map of the internet – provided by Wikimedia Commons.  I found this in an article detailing one of the first graduate programs on Big Data to… Continue Reading →

Big Data – OpenDNS

Developed by the OpenDNS Security Labs.  The above visualization was not really explained other than to say it was created by a 3D Visualization tool.  Thought it was somewhat near, definitely seems to employ some sort of clustering in addition… Continue Reading →

Tokyo Subway and Small Arms

Top photo is a visualization depicting the imports and exports of small arms as authorized by various governments.  It follows the data from 1992 – 2010. The bottom photo is a real-time 3D interactive map of the Tokyo Subway which… Continue Reading →

When Data Vis goes wrong

Found an interesting blog over at https://visual.ly/blog/learning-from-mistakes-in-visualization/ .  Here’s a prime example, the man who is 243% baby boomer.

Nathalie Miebach – 3D Sculptures

This piece uses a base of 48 hours and converts several layers of data (One year approximately) and is related to the gravitational influence the  Sun and Moon have on the Arctic environment.

netherland prison closures

  so while i like the overall aesthetics of this image, i don’t quite get it.  one, there is no easily identifiable way to know which colour represents what, or what the relation is.  perhaps its towns/cities related to a… Continue Reading →

homicides in canada 2008

  homicide distribution for 2008 (canada).  interesting infographic using bar charts, the map and people.  with a distribution showing the type of homicide in addition to a colour ramp.

Adobe Data Visualizations

Post went around the iLab mailing list today, wanted to share one of the graphics Quick visualization put together by the team at adobe in about 2 mins.  After uploading this image, i see another student in the class has… Continue Reading →

Percentage bars – pie / rainbow style?

October 15, 2017 I enjoy this visualization.  It’s simply.  It has an easy to digest layout and utilized the “empty” (grey) space as an additional statistic.  I feel like this would be an interesting design incorporation if layered onto other… Continue Reading →

Venn style!

October 14, 2017 Had to copy this directly from the website because it was of interest “We strive to unite identified leaders of business, academia, professionals, and politicians to use their influence/resources/positions to effect an enduring, comprehensive and effective response… Continue Reading →

Housing and rent subsidies

October 13, 2017 According to an article written for the star “giving the homeless a place to live costs less than providing shelters and emergency services”.  The infographic gets you thinking.  I like that.  I wanted to learn move.  Naturally… Continue Reading →

Lets go this way!

October 12, 2017 Definitely think the flow and patterns often formed by a flock of birds is a wild, natural way to present data (i.e. swarming).  Mimicking, well that definitely might be a challenge but I definitely dig the raw… Continue Reading →

TY Darcy! Heatmap of Shoppers!

October 11, 2017 “From a 2014 article on Business Insider http://www.businessinsider.com/how-retailers-track-shoppers-in-heat-maps-2014-1 A company called Prism Skylabs (ominous!) (and their website doesn’t load now…) uses cameras (and computer vision?) to track where people walk, linger, and interact in a store. The pitch… Continue Reading →

Visualization Patterns

October 10, 2017 I found this to be a neat representation of what my novice infographic self would deem a directed graph (top image).  Clusters maintain the same colour to help easily identify / seperate.  The bottom graphic is almost… Continue Reading →

His and Hers

October 9, 2017 Could not find a description of this visualization.  However, it appeals to me because it reminds me of paint.  The colours are vibrant.  Associated data is clustered in a way that yields a colour ramp I would… Continue Reading →

TY Flavia !

October 8, 2017 Apple patents vs. Google Patents This post came from Flavia and I dig it.  Not only does it remind me of two eyeballs but it’s clustering and dispersion is neat.  You can see where the focus from… Continue Reading →

Hanky Sankey

October 7, 2017 Clean sankey visualization.  I wasn’t even aware of sankey diagrams prior to this visualization class.  I may have seen them, but never knew the name or really thought about their usefulness for connecting multiple streams to a… Continue Reading →

Mmmm brains

October 6, 2017 Three dimension line rendering – how cool would it be to visualize the many aspects of the brain using a similar technology.  Modify perspective, fly through the brain, see the overall wiring and or most active areas.

Hans Rosling in the flesh

October 5, 2017 Hans Rosling, interacting with one of his interactive data visualizations that details the economics of countries over time.

Mushrooms, Trees, Brains and Good Stuff

October 4, 2017 I don’t have much of a comment with respect to these visualizations, I just like the overall aesthetics of the pastel colours used.  They remind me of trees or mushrooms in some way or another.

Birds of a feather

October 3, 2017 The natural beauty of wild birds,  I’ve always enjoyed the look of feathers from various species of birds.  I see a lot of potential when it comes to feathers with respect to data visualization.

3D Graphs meets Sim City

October 2, 2017 I feel like this three dimensional? representation can contain so many elements of data.  Are they all interactive in a 2d space ?  Probably not, but I think if perspective could be manipulated or this sort of… Continue Reading →

Circular Flow

October 1, 2017 While I don’t necessarily feel the middle portion of this visualization is easily traceable, I like the overall aesthetics of the image.

Airports Vis

September 30, 2017   Image of the airport networks around the globe.  Near visualization with a lot of lines, I wonder if continental bundling may have helped, or not.

IBM Thinking Sculpture

September 29, 2017 Check this out. Designed by AI (with the help of obvious human involvement in the programming), Watson here created this thinking sculpture inspired by the works of Antonio Gaudi.  “To help SOFTlab create the distinctive 13-foot tall… Continue Reading →

Random cool vis

September 27, 2017 Found this image online.  I believe it was on Pinterest.  It is a big data visualization but given the fact I did not have a pinterest account I could not dig deeper.  Really liked the visual aesthetics… Continue Reading →

Mapping context to subject

September 26, 2017 RE: Huffington Post Emails and the world of yahoo mail.  Just liked this infographic for the sheer fact that it helps illustrate the number of generations required to read the emails processed by yahoo in a single… Continue Reading →

Mind your step – data vis

September 25, 2017 Found this data visualization while browsing the net and thought it deserved some additional love.  I thoroughly enjoy the aesthetics of the data visualization as not only does it seek to make the most important facts predominantly… Continue Reading →

Pie Charts v2.x

September 24, 2017   Nothing too crazy happening here.  I just like the simplicity of it.  The use of numbers to help dictate the proportions of the pie in addition to the varied sizes to help create that link.  While… Continue Reading →

Musical tubes.

September 23, 2017 While this is suppose to be a representation of plastic tubes, they look metallic or computer generated to me.  Personally, I feel the visual blends music with industrial.  The five horizontal lines remind me of a fret… Continue Reading →

in the eye of the beholder… or something like that

September 22, 2017   Always been interested in the shape and colour of ALL eyes.  Not only do I see it as some “gateway into the soul” – I also see it as a journal of our history, our life. … Continue Reading →

Lights, camera, action.

September 21, 2017 Skyline at night:  Always been a big fan of a major city skyline at night.  Whether viewing it from a high-rise or hilltop.  There is data in the very view itself.  The number of people awake, the… Continue Reading →

Graf Scene.

September 20, 2017 I have always been a fan of the graf. world.  A simple can of paint – as the tool to express so many different things.  I’m not talking about the simple tags or throwups you see plastered… Continue Reading →

Lasers, and lights, oh my.

September 19, 2017 Laser electric!  That’s kind of the idea that came to mind when I first came across this wall paper.  It reminds me of wild NASA pictures with modern spins on them.  The variation in intensity could be… Continue Reading →


September 18, 2017 Smoke :  This image of smoke on a tinted white background – while not symbolic of any data in this instance, to me would be an interesting way of portraying information.  The transparency of the smoke itself… Continue Reading →


September 17, 2017 This vinyl image which has been taken using a flash – has info vis written all over it!

Lace your info vis!

September 16, 2017 Lace :  Recently, I was in Toronto attending a wedding.  While not everything was full of lace, there was some subtleties used in many of the dresses donned by the bride and even the bridesmaids.  This pattern… Continue Reading →

Social Media – Info Graphic

September 15, 2017   Colour wheel of social media related companies.  Felt this was an easy to digest visualization for several differing types of social media platforms.  

Statistics and Info Graphx

September 14, 2017   In an effort to create a more robust dataset for CPSC 683 – I have recently found myself looking for specific statistics related to many Canadian cities.  This somewhat interactive website utilizes information graphics in many… Continue Reading →

Rorschach test anyone ?

September 13, 2017 Ink Splatters: When I came across this blog post online, I was automatically drawn into the seemingly random lines of the ink splatters.  In some sense, it reminded me of the electrical grid depictions we often see… Continue Reading →

Trees on a rainy day.

September 12, 2017 Trees : While eating breakfast this morning – this was my view.  The trees reminded me of some sort of information graphic.  Leaves representing nodes or offshoots of data.  Felt a similar relationship to fireworks in the… Continue Reading →

Express Yourself!

September 11, 2017 Expressive, I feel this image serves as a blank canvas of sorts; An untamed, free form depiction of the inherent uniqueness in all of us.  To some it may be chaotic, to others elegant.  For me, it… Continue Reading →

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