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100 Years of Typewriters (Inside a Type-Written Sheet of Paper)

What I find data vis to be really useful for is to see evolution of something over time. This is one such thing. A 100 years of typewriters are no joke. Cool to see how we have traveled to the… Continue Reading →

Chart Junk?

Chart junk is an extra visual component that is added to the core of a data visualization. Usually, it is considered useless and even crowding the visual. However, sometimes it can help for people to remember some details about the… Continue Reading →

Finding the Right Color Scheme (Color Brewer)

Working in info vis, I found Color Brewer to be a helpful tool to find colour schemes for a visualizations. It even helps find colour-blindness-friendly colors. Source: https://www.wired.com/2014/10/cindy-brewer-map-design/ Site: http://colorbrewer2.org/#type=sequential&scheme=BuGn&n=3

Mascara Wands

Types of wands that give different effects on eyelashes. Sometimes you can tell by looking at the wand’s shape what effect it will have on your lashes. Source: http://www.thebeautysnoop.com/2014/09/mascara-wands-shapes-and-types.html    

School Lunch Around (Some Parts of) the World

This is a nice way of showing what lunch looks like around the world. Easy to pick and choose what you would eat out of each (some or all of it???). Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-2957301/What-school-lunches-look-like-world.html

Good Job! Stickers

This is not my sticker collection, but I collected the “Good Job” stickers that I would get on assignments in school as a kid. Ever since I became a TA, I thought about putting them on assignments, but never did!… Continue Reading →

Travelling Stamps From Somewhere to You

This is not my postage stamp collection, but I like collecting stamps as well. There is something cool about saving a piece of something that was once somewhere else. They visually speak a lot about the history, art-style, colour preferences… Continue Reading →

Passport Stamps

These passport stamps are an easy, colourful, an fun way to determine times and places where the person has been. Most of all, these are very visual and symbolic! Source: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/430586414344213546/

Not an Info Vis!

This is definitely not an info vis, but looking at it made me think that this would be something that I would want to use to make one! It looks too yummy 

Zodiac Constellations

Stars based on zodiac signs. Very insightful way to convey zodiac in regards to astrology. Source: http://cf.ltkcdn.net/horoscopes/images/slide/55033-705×800-SS-symbol-7.jpg


The start constellations for a 31 day cycle. Hard to read the vis, but weird how (night-time) land looks kind of like this from planes. Source: https://onthebrinkofdiscovery.wordpress.com/2015/10/06/31-days-of-fall-fun-stargazing/comment-page-1/

The 7 Dwarfs

Indicates the details of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs. Authored by Fred Moore, the original animator, this chart makes points about how to draw them and what to avoid. The original names list included over 40 dwarfs! Source: https://www.disneyavenue.com/2017/04/disneys-folly-making-of-snow-white.html

Disney Princess Origins

Location-based visual representing Disney Princess origins. As someone who dressed up as them for Halloween as a kid, Very enticing. Source: http://www.dorkly.com/post/74007/holy-turd-you-guys-its-16-disney-princess-infographics

Currency Symbols

Some currency symbols. Cool that most of them have some time of strikes going through them. Source: https://www.quora.com/Why-do-so-many-currency-symbols-have-strikethroughs-in-them-for-example-%C2%A3-%E2%82%AC-and-%E2%82%B9

Braid Styles

Different kinds of braiding styles. Easy to pick and choose before trying! Source: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/50/3e/b0/503eb05b31813c85452eebca8f3000ad–pretty-braids-beautiful-braids.jpg

Olympics InfoVis

This depicts Rio Olympics- related information. I think it’s cool that they used the ever-iconic five rings to associate the information with the organization. Source: https://www.eca-international.com/insights/blog/august-2016/infographic-2016-rio-olympics

Football/Soccer World Player Ratings by Vote

Football (FIFA World Cup) is the only sport that I follow closely, so found this pretty interesting. This is based on votes on Footballtop.com, and I don’t necessarily personally agree with this standing! Source: https://easel.ly/blog/10-sports-infographics-that-score-big-points/

Air Mattresses to a 10 Billion Dollar Company (Airbnb)

This one was of personal interest to me since I have been developing a project with Calgary Airbnb data. It is really cool how this company started and this infographic depicts that in a visual timeline.

Homo sapien Brain Evolution

I found this to be a very simple yet informative vis. I once read somewhere that the shape of our brains evolved once we started cooking our food. Not sure if that is the case or not, but this reminded… Continue Reading →

Arduino Fritzing Diagram

This was a diagram that I submitted as part of an assignment in a previous course. This depicts the wiring that I did for a “hello world” Arduino project that made use of an LCD screen, LED lights, push buttons,… Continue Reading →

The Story of Rabbits in Australia (Arduino Info Vis)

This is a picture of a physical info vis project that my group-mate and I made. It was powered by Arduino. It depicts the story of how rabbits were introduced into Australia. The introduction of rabbits into the island nation… Continue Reading →

Zooids Swarm (ie. Little Robots that Come Together)

I found the swarm info vis to be really interesting especially since it is also an intractable physical interface. It is exciting to think that these little robots come together to form visualizations and perform other tasks. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVdAfDMP3m0

How to Floss Your Teeth Vis

This is a very applicable vis. Something like this is often used by dental offices to visually inform their patients. I like how they have the two sections (holding the floss and using it on your teeth). Source: http://www.oralhealthtexas.org/Oral%20Care.html

Female Hairstyles Through Time

Cool vis that shows how hair has morphed over the past 100 years. Simple timeline with shadows. Interesting that they included the eyebrows, but nothing else! Source: http://68.media.tumblr.com/2f6e21955e04628de0acfa7c7e22cbb9/tumblr_ncrix0MPk51qihh0eo1_1280.jpg

Mark Zuckerberg Vs. Average 30 Year Old

This is an interesting infographic. The only actual info vis thing about it is the (half of the) face of Mark Zuckerberg himself, and also that the facts are placed opposite to each other. Nothing else visually relays any information…. Continue Reading →

Zoo Map Infographic

This is a map of the Chicago zoo. Over other zoo maps, this one has an emphasis on the pictures of the animals. This is very efficient in conveying information about the location of the animals. Reference: https://www.czs.org/zoomap

10 Companies That Own All of Our Food

This is an impactful visualization that compartmentalizes our food into these 10 major brands. The logos definitely help! Source: https://money.good.is/articles/food-brands-owners?utm_content=buffer478c5&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer  

A Visualization that You Actually Want to Look At!

I find myself looking at cooking videos in my free time because I like looking at food! This is a clever way of talking about food-based information visualization without it becoming chart junk because the food is not supplementary to… Continue Reading →

Yoga Sun Salutation

I enjoy practicing yoga, and think this is an excellent representation of how to do the sun salutation (Surya Namaskar) routine. It is effective because it conveys the poses without any extra information and zero words. Source: https://vedicambassador.wordpress.com/2013/12/15/benefits-of-surya-namaskar-sun-salutation-yoga-asanas/

Pop-Flavoured Lip Smackers

As I kid, I really liked collecting lip smackers flavours. This was the chapstick that kids would get in each other’s birthday loot bags. I remember thinking that it was really cool when I first saw the pop flavoured ones…. Continue Reading →

Braille Information Representation

Braille is written communication for blind people. It is represented by embossed material either in paper or plastic (on public signs), etc. It is an information visualization alternative for people who communicate differently. For people who view it visually can… Continue Reading →

Guitar Chords Visual

I enjoy playing music, and the most recent instrument that I am attempting to learn is the guitar, so I am familiar with seeing this kind of thing. This is an effective way of conveying which finger goes on which… Continue Reading →

Cirque du Soleil Formations

Cirque du Soleil, one of the most renowned circus’, includes performances that make use of formations. In my opinion, this is a way of conveying information in a very visual way. In addition to being an art form, this is… Continue Reading →

Abacus Info Vis Beads

I believe Abacus is a very applied example of info vis. This set of beads allows the person to learn math in a different way. Eventually, with the use of this info vis, people are able to apply this to… Continue Reading →

Agile Software Methodologies Text Visualization

This is a text visualization on agile software engineering methods. As can be seen, some of the more prevalent terminologies are backlog, team, sprint, scrum, and product. This gives the viewer a good idea of what it is about right… Continue Reading →

Code Organization

The way we organize code provides a visual understanding for other coders. We know that the indentation conveys a nested structure. The colours also distinguish different section of code. Here we see that the text following the two slashes (comments)… Continue Reading →

Elevated Lego Map

This 3-D elevated map made with lego truly makes the world tangible. Even though we often use lego to do a quick prototype of things, we don’t often think of them as the end product. This is a very good… Continue Reading →

Architectural Infographics

These are the symbols someone is using for architectural infographics. I think it is interesting to see if the buildings can be inferred by just looking at the photos and not paying attention to the names. That is a measure… Continue Reading →

20,000 Year Old Tallies

The Ishango bone is the world’s oldest mathematical object to be discovered. The tallies keep track of some form of counting. It was discovered in Africa, and there are many theories around what it was used to count/ measure. I… Continue Reading →

Garfield’s Personality

Comic strips can be written in multiple ways. Things that can be altered include font, colour, style of illustration, way of conveying humour, choice of words, etc. We understand Garfield’s character because of the way that it is portrayed through… Continue Reading →

Can You Spot the Animal?

This is natural info vis. This leaf-tailed gecko doesn’t have a hard time hiding itself from predators on account of its appearance. Source: “https://www.boredpanda.com/animal-camouflage-39/”

IOS or Android?

This infographic is the famous comparison between IOS and Android. It is drizzled with multiple pieces of information in this one page, and because of the content of it, it is actually something I would take the time to look… Continue Reading →

On-Board Flight Tracker

The on-board flight tracker in this KLM flight is pretty cool. It usually goes into a 3-D view like this to show you the places that you are currently over in a close-up view with nearby names. It also goes… Continue Reading →

Efficient Flight Board

I was looking through different airport flight boards to see how they convey information, and I think this is one of the best ones. This has the right amount of symbols (flags), time reading convenience, and the correct use of… Continue Reading →

Look at This Photo to Learn a Tomato Soup Recipe

This visual teaches you how to cook tomato soup with the only words being some ingredient names and numbers for time. I think this is a very intuitive way to teach people of all ages the recipe. This method compromises… Continue Reading →

7 Million Nutella Unica’s

Nutella Unica is a project in which Ferrero created 7 million unique patterned jars of Nutella. Apparently, they used an algorithm to do this, and each jar had a unique code. The project was implemented in Italy and sold out… Continue Reading →

The Countries that Contribute to a Jar of Nutella

This map depicts the countries that contribute to make a jar of Nutella. I found this to be interesting since I really care about Nutella, and it is a cool visualization. However, I think the map could be designed in… Continue Reading →

First Coins Ever to Be Minted

These are the first coins ever to be made (that have been so far discovered). They were made around 640 B.C. in the Lydian and Ionian region which is now present day Turkey. They are symbolic of that time in… Continue Reading →

What is Your Perfect Sunglasses Shape?

This guide tells you what kind of sunglasses you should wear depending on the shape of your face. This is a very useful vis because it gives people who would not otherwise be aware a very systematic approach to picking… Continue Reading →

Zodiac Visuals

Zodiac signs are universal symbols that depict the time period when people were born. They are used by people on everyday things like jewelry to display their supposed personalities. I think this is a simple yet interesting way that humans… Continue Reading →

Make that Large, Please.

Large means different things in different countries when it comes to McDonald’s drinks. This is a cool way of showing that. Source: https://www.dramafever.com/news/japanese-mcdonalds-serves-smallest-drink-sizes-in-the-world/

Red: Passion or Aggression?

The way that we use colour in an info vis design means a lot- not only aesthetically, but also in terms of connotations. Over time, people have developed positive and negative meanings behind colours, and so these are things that… Continue Reading →


Heiroglyphs are the ancient Egyptian symbols used to convey written language. It is the equivalent to letters and words that we use today. This is an interesting thing in terms of info vis because it is possibly one of the… Continue Reading →

Are You Done Eating?

This is an info vis that people use (or are expected to use) in everyday life. It serves the purpose of notifying the waiter on how you like the food at a restaurant. I don’t think most people use it,… Continue Reading →

Arthur’s Family Tree

Arthur was one of my favourite cartoons to watch as a kid, so I thought this was a cool vis. Someone posted it on Pinterest. It conveys Arthur’s family tree. It is engaging because the cartoon character images are embedded… Continue Reading →

Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

This interactive tool is like a dictionary of visualization methods. It lets you view an example when you hover over each one. It’s pretty cool! I think more can always be added though! Reference: “http://www.visual-literacy.org/periodic_table/periodic_table.html”

Spider Web Flights

This is a visualization of flights in and out of an airport (signalling their ascent and descent). This could easily look like an abstract piece of art, but actually depicts emerging air traffic control patterns over time. This sort of… Continue Reading →

Smartphone Skirt Fashion Technology

Nokia partnered up with Fyodor Golan to create this smartphone skirt. It uses 70 screens “which appear to be moving because of the installed software, which is built to mimic its surroundings.” It is a literal metaphor for fashion technology, and… Continue Reading →

NY Fashion Week Collection Colours

This visualization is also from the NY fashion week. It is a “fingerprint” of the collections. It depicts the colour that goes into the collection to highlight the trends. “Each look is broken into a minimal stack of color bars,… Continue Reading →

Front Row to NY Fashion Week

I have an active interest in fashion, so this “Front Row to Fashion Week” visualization really caught my eye. These are all the outfits from one designer, Narciso Rodriguez, and you can scroll over them to have a magnified view… Continue Reading →

Data Sketches

Here is a slide from my presentation that shows the data sketches that I have been working on to develop the idea for my project. I have focused on various parts of the data and various types of graphs.

Holomaps in Your Living Room

Holomaps is an augmented reality app that lets you view geospatial data through AR glasses ie. the HoloLens. In my opinion, it is a really cool tool to interact with spatial data. “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gpuYzWVP9w”  

Bulk Candy (for Halloween)!

With Halloween approaching, I felt a magnetic pull towards candy. The bulk candy section in a grocery store is a good place to visually examine what kinds of candy is popular/ available. This is a very compartmentalized view of everything… Continue Reading →

Lemons versus Limes

I went grocery shopping and noticed the supply and demand of lemons versus limes in a very visual way. Lemons are 2x more available than limes.

Titanic Survivors

Titanic is one of the first movies that I saw in a movie theater as a child, so it always fascinated me. Here is a Sankey diagram/ parallel sets diagram that depicts who survived. It is actually interactable up and… Continue Reading →

I Made a Long-Weekends in Canada Calendar-Vis!

Since we just had a much-needed long weekend this past week, I was wondering whether we have one every month. I decided to make this calendar-style visualization to signify all of the months that have a long weekend. I focused… Continue Reading →

The Times That I Opened My Laptop Today

Here, I made a data visualization of the times in the day when I opened (and closed) my laptop today. The orange bubbles represent the opening and the blue bubbles represent the closing, so it’s like a timeline. First, at… Continue Reading →

“Dazzle Ships”- How Many Ships do You See? 8, 9, or 1?

A friend told me about these when I was working in my information visualization design job. These “dazzle ships” were used in war time to confuse the opponent as to where the warship was facing or even how many warships… Continue Reading →

Candy Crush Rewards Scheme

This is the reward screen that appeared when I came back to play candy crush. It is a visualization that tells you how many consecutive days you have been playing the game. If you keep coming, you are rewarded in… Continue Reading →

Calgary Green Cart Compost Sticker

This is the informational sticker on the compost bin that all Calgarians received as a part of the green cart roll-out. This is an effective visualization that allows people of all ages to quickly gauge what can and cannot go… Continue Reading →

Gemstone Jewelry Dust Painting

This is an artwork that I got from India, and is made from the dust particles/ by-products of when they make jewelry. This entire painting is made from gem stones- not any paint. Looking at the painting is an immediate… Continue Reading →

Most Trending

Music.ly is an app that I recently discovered, and think it’s a good app to waste some time on. Here is a visualization of the most recently trending hashtags from top to bottom.

Listen to Any Radio Channel in the World!

A family member sent this to me on WhatsApp. It’s a website/app where you can literally listen to any radio station in the WORLD! When you load the page, it shows you the entire rotating globe with green dots on… Continue Reading →

Travel and Culture

I really like travel-related things, and this is from a travel magazine that I was reading. It shows the cultural patterns of different countries woven into the same kind of cloth- all on one page- well two. I think this… Continue Reading →


This is the bulletin board that is situated in the math sciences building hallway. The repeated posters shows which events are advertised more than others or even who was most determined to advertise their event!

Fisheye Campus Map

This is the campus map that is displayed for visitors to the university. It is a good example of a fish-eye perspective. The larger image shows the main campus buildings in more detail whereas the smaller image shows that same… Continue Reading →

Pins and Needles

This is the push-pin colour preference that the person who sat at my desk before me had. I thought about laying them out like this to get a more visual perspective on the colour comparisons.

Air Purifier

This plant is supposed to be an air purifier for homes. Thus, the number of leaves in this plant are proportional to how clean the air is in my house. It is a direct physical representation with cause and effect.

Frozen in Time: Not a Sculpture

This is a sculpture that I made in my grade 11 art class. It’s actually not a sculpture, but an imprint of my arms/hands at the time. I made a cast of my hands using gauze and filled it with… Continue Reading →

Reinventing the Colour Wheel

This is the collection of nail polish colours that I own. I think looking at this picture will help me to keep track of the colours that I already have and the brands that I prefer when I try to… Continue Reading →


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