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Trend of personal vis

Today when I opened Reddit I just saw a bunch of people posting this visualization with their own income data. More interesting than the visualization itself I think is that someone posting a visualization of their personal data sparked such… Continue Reading →


I couldn’t get this to fit in my screen for a screenshot, so here’s a link. It shows the different languages spoken in NYC. It’s sort of colourful and fun, and I’m interested to see what a similar map of… Continue Reading →

Coffee vs Tea

Coffee!! I’ve been drinking like three cups per day for the last week or so. I wonder how much I’d have to drink to bump us up to the next category hehe.


This graph highlights bitcoin as being worth more than the UK’s pound. Interesting! Still not totally sure I understand how bitcoin works and it baffles me that it’s still such a big thing. (From r/dataisbeautiful)

Job Changes

From flowingdata.com. I thought this was interesting in terms of subject matter, and the bright colours caught my eye! I wish I could choose fun colours for my project but that just seems inappropriate…

Emojis 2

Earlier this semester I posted something similar saying I wanted to see how this portrayal of my text emotions via frequent emojis would change throughout the semester. I anticipated more negative emojis coming up, which did happen, but there seems… Continue Reading →


So what you’re telling me is… drink more coffee 😀

Scaling data for relatability

This is pretty informative. I like that it scales the population to a relatable number to make it easier to understand. Although it seems like percentages might achieve the same result?

Reality-based interaction

This diagram came from a paper I’m reading called Reality-Based Interaction. The idea is that interfaces always contain some compromise between the “reality” items on the left, and the extra non-reality items on the right. However, this diagram just seems… Continue Reading →


This is a painting hanging up in my friend’s house. I’m just thinking about colours when I look at this. I really like the contrast between the purple and the green.


Interesting! I would have expected these to get progressively darker with difficulty, but it seems like there are quite a lot of dark squares in the medium difficulty. Taken from r/dataisbeautiful

Crop to Cup

Coffee! As someone who loves coffee more than life, I know very little about it. So I found this very informative! The author spent some time growing coffee and taking notes. It’s shocking how much of it becomes waste! Taken… Continue Reading →

Olympic Bias

According to this, Norway is great at Winter Olympics! I’m curious about the categories they’re including though; I suspect it’s really biasing the visualization.

Colour-coded packaging

Usually companies colour code these things. It makes it so easy to know what’s what without having to read the packaging. Why isn’t this brand doing that?! (I think it was Kotex maybe?) Infuriating.

Timeline Colours

This was in a paper by Jagoda that we read for Lora’s class. While there are a variety of colours, some are fairly similar, and particularly where the bars are short, it’s difficult to read at times.


I was originally just looking for visual journal inspiration around my apartment, but the way the photo of this turned out makes me wonder if shadows or reflections could be used to assist information visualization in public places, for example…. Continue Reading →


My great-oma made this for me when I was born. It doesn’t exactly encode any data, but it’s interesting to think how needlepoint could be used for that. Something I might want to explore in the future!


I saw this online and it stuck out to me since it’s sort of related to my project data set. The colours represent the relative number of prisoners per 100,000 population. I’m curious which countries are the lighter ones without… Continue Reading →


In case anyone was wondering how chinook winds happen, this is it! And hopefully we get a lot of this this winter. I’m surprised at the altitude required for it. I would have expected it to be higher.


Truly depressing. Can I just live on another planet please? Source given at bottom of image.

Coffee Cloud

This seemed appropriate to post given our recent discussions of how word clouds are terrible. This stuck out to me as topical mainly because I’m writing this while sitting in a Starbucks. This shows the words used in their Global… Continue Reading →


This is a visualization of happiness across the states. It’s interesting that the west is happier. I wonder why that is. (Also from r/dataisbeautiful).


I was perusing r/dataisbeautiful again and I came across this visualization of cows per person in 2017. I guess this is useful for people in farming and agriculture but it’s so far removed from my life that I just found… Continue Reading →


This came from a paper I read for my other class. It’s supposed to visualize how many times grounded theory method is mentioned in papers. It needed a lot of explanation in the text of the paper. The vis doesn’t… Continue Reading →

Life Expectancy

I came across this one on r/dataisbeautiful. It visualizes changing life expectancy over the years in various parts of the world. It reminded me of the point Sheelagh made in class recently about how there isn’t really a third world… Continue Reading →


Progress update! This is only semi-visual, but I have my code able to get my data summary into a tree structure with only two very minor bugs that I can see so far. Hopefully this will be relatively easy to… Continue Reading →

TA Survey

The results of the TA survey from CSGS were released! Most of the questions seemed to have one answer that the majority of people selected. This one was interesting in that the variation of answers was more pronounced. From this… Continue Reading →

Problem Solving

During an internship I did in my undergrad, one of my coworkers gave me these cards with some problem solving tips. He got them from a workshop he went to where they were able to solve problems in fields they… Continue Reading →

Dating Scores

I came across this “scoreboard” that my friend created for me about a year ago to compare how three different internet dates had gone for me. I don’t exactly remember where the points all came from. Not sure why the… Continue Reading →


Some visual instructions on how to handle adulthood. The cutesy style of the drawings is very fitting to the message.

Skin & Earth

Here is a visualization of Lights’s new album and comic series. It shows how the songs on the album correspond to the issues of the comic. I love the album, maybe I’ll have to check out the comics!

Light-up trees

I’ve been playing around with the idea of lighting up themes inside word trees as the words are spoken for my project. Since there are so many final statements with so many starting words, this visualization would end up being… Continue Reading →


Yesterday’s sunset painted some gorgeous colours across the sky. So I thought I’d share! Nature is beautiful. 🙂 Unfortunately my phone camera couldn’t capture it as nicely as it looked in person. But there were crazy pinks, blues and yellows… Continue Reading →

Laundry Language

I’m sure glad that most clothing tags also include written instructions for washing and drying. I was never taught the language of laundry!


It’s still weird to me how big this gluten-free fad has been and how much companies have been cashing in on it. But I guess this giant sign at Starbucks would be helpful for any celiac people! But is wheat-free… Continue Reading →

Starbucks Symbols

Starbucks employees use shorthand symbols to represent the drink that needs to be made. It must be like learning a mini language to work there. This “CH” was for my chai latte. What would they write if I had asked… Continue Reading →

3D Cone Tree and 2D Shadows

Another wonderfully low-res example of a cone tree by Richardson et al. This one “descends” in a horizontal direction, which is different from previous examples I’ve seen. I like that the shadows below the tree give a kind of 2D… Continue Reading →

Cone Tree

Another example of a 3D tree (created by Alan Dix). My apologies for the low resolution, I couldn’t find this in a better quality. This one uses a cone structure to show the parent-child relationships, hence it is titled “cone… Continue Reading →

Circular Tree Layout

Another version of a word tree. I like this circular layout a lot more than the horizontal one I shared previously. (Stanford University)

3D Trees

One of the ideas I’ve been exploring lately is trees in three dimensions. I thought this could be a way to incorporate some of my previous ideas with some new more “vis”-y ideas. I’m playing with the idea of building… Continue Reading →

HCI Prototypes

This diagram was provided to me to help describe to students in the HCI course I’m TAing the difference between a fully-implemented software system and the “vertical prototype” we expect them to create. There didn’t seem to be many questions… Continue Reading →


I’ve been playing with Vuforia’s object recognition using the HoloLens, and one of the requirements for recognizing an object is that it should have a unique shape and plenty of contrast in the colours. To test it out, I built… Continue Reading →

Missing information

I’d love for my tablet to give me a little more information. It’s been “100% complete” for the last 15 minutes so what am I missing here?

Check Engine

I think my car might be trying to tell me something… You’d think a bright yellow light would get its message across, but it’s three years later and here we are. It’s just become part of the scenery.

Word/Colour test

Thinking about colours and thinking about words for my project made me think of this word/colour game. I’m not sure where it originates from but maybe most people are familiar with it. It’s easier to read the words than to… Continue Reading →


Pi art! Also on the subject of colours, I’m a fan of this bright colours on a dark background approach. I think it’s eye-catching and fun! (Artist: Martin Krzywinski)

Summer Colours

I’m thinking about colours today and missing summer colours. I tried to capture the drab scenery at the bus stop this morning but my camera wouldn’t make it look as depressing as it felt in real life. So here’s a… Continue Reading →

Wearable data

I’m not exactly sure what this is a graph of, because I don’t have a Pinterest account so the site won’t let me view it directly 🙁 But I came across this necklace which was described in the caption as… Continue Reading →

Election results need a vis?

This is how the City of Calgary has chosen to represent the election results on their website. You’d think it would have been easy enough to at least supply a bar graph. Anyone else think this could have been done… Continue Reading →

Heart rate spectrogram

I came across this in an Apple patent for a new method of measuring blood pressure. There is so little distinction between lines and shades that I’m not even sure what’s going on in this visualization. I suppose this is… Continue Reading →


Of all the times I’ve been to this friend’s house, I never noticed the pattern on the curtains in his bathroom is actually made of little soldiers. At a glance it only looks like some pattern of red circles and… Continue Reading →

Text Overlay

Looking for information on how text has been incorporated into AR environments in general. Most of what I’ve found has been information overlay onto the user’s surroundings. This is probably not useful in my project, but interesting nonetheless! Source: realvision.ae


My supervisor suggested to me that I should look up memorials for inspiration on how to visualize my data set. Given that my data set is about criminals and not war heroes, I think I will need a bit of… Continue Reading →

Word Tree

This is more of what I think a word tree should be. I’d like to do something a little more visually interesting for my project though… (looks like Dr Seuss!)


I was looking at ideas for word trees as per Sheelagh’s suggestion, and this is one thing I came across. Not exactly what I was looking for, and not relevant to my project, but I just thought it looked nice!… Continue Reading →


I’ve been on the hunt for ways to make a good visualization with words. I have access to photos of the people’s faces for my data set, but I think something like this would take a lot of work. Neat… Continue Reading →


Here is a nice map of the world printed on my ethos water bottle. I guess that printing translucent white on a transparent water bottle wouldn’t be the most effective way to do any sort of visualization since it is… Continue Reading →


I recall seeing this one going around on social media last year as well, or maybe even in the spring. I think this is a good representation of what the last week has looked like in Calgary! (Taken from a… Continue Reading →

Judgemental Map

Here is one that’s been going around on Facebook; I’m not sure of the original source. I’m always drawn to visualizations like this that are essentially irrelevant in most regards, but provide perhaps some comic relief. My neighbourhood is simply… Continue Reading →


This is another AR visualization of some global data visualized on top of a globe. I think this is much more interesting than the previous example I posted because it takes advantage of the 3D capabilities by using a 3D… Continue Reading →

Space usage in AR

While looking for ideas on how I might visualize information using AR, this is something I came across via Google. I don’t know what the data is that is being visualized. There’s a lot going on here but I can’t… Continue Reading →

Sketch 10

This is one of the ten sketches I drew for my data set. I plan to use AR to visualize the data. I noticed that during my sketches I was sort of planning out ways for users to interact with… Continue Reading →


This is a cool word visualization I found through Google that shows which emotions are portrayed by each song on the Beatles’ album Revolver. I like that they’ve chosen to highlight only one song at a time instead of showing… Continue Reading →

What is this?

There has definitely been a theme my recent posts! This is me trying to gather ideas. Another Google search result for word visualizations is here. I’m not at all familiar with this style of visualization so I don’t know how… Continue Reading →

Category bubbles

And another word visualization! This one is a bit different in that shows how many times words in each category are used. I assume that many words fall into multiple categories, such as “taste” and “sour”. This is another image… Continue Reading →


I’ve spent some time investigating different ways to visualize words since I will need to do this for my project. This is another one I came across that was presented to me on Google Images. I like how this one… Continue Reading →

Lego vis

This wasn’t the visualization my group chose to present in class but it was the one I had the most fun making. We originally had the idea to build numbers out of lego to represent the amounts in each category… Continue Reading →

Not a pie graph

This chart was in a paper I had to read for another class called Methodology Matters by Joseph E. McGrath. It classifies different research methodologies into quadrants. I found this interesting because it took me a while to realize it… Continue Reading →

Google bus times…

I really hate the way google maps has chosen to display the bus times. Is it too much to ask to be able to easily see the exact time the bus will come instead of the relative time? Am I… Continue Reading →

Words words words

The data set I’ve chosen for my project depends a lot on words and phrases, and I’ve been struggling to come up with interesting ways to visualize it. I turned to the internet for inspiration but it seems the world… Continue Reading →

AR Vis

I’m going to be doing my thesis research in augmented reality, so I googled some images of visualization that have been done in augmented reality so I can explore ways to combine this course with my research area. I found… Continue Reading →

Female graduates by field of study

This is another visualization I came across during my hunt for a data set on this topic. This one shows the percentage of female university graduates according to field of study. This is a topic I am becoming increasingly interested… Continue Reading →

Goodreads lack of vis

For this post, I’d like to point out a visualization I would like to see on the GoodReads app which isn’t there. I can see individual books I’ve read as well as genres I’m interested in. But I’d like to… Continue Reading →

Female STEM graduates

I originally wanted to use some data related to this topic for my data set, but couldn’t find anything that would work for me. This is a visualization from Statistics Canada showing the differences in male and female university graduates… Continue Reading →

Streak over :(

Duolingo telling me about the loss of my 84 day streak. I liked it better when that flame was orange! Although the grey effectively tells me I screwed up.

Bill Nye

A very accurate visualization of my childhood learning… Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! (Taken from a post someone shared on Facebook)


My frequently used emojis as a visualization of the emotions I express over text message. I wonder how this will change as the stress of the school year inevitably grows.


Spoiler Alert! A friend of mine recently sent me this (not quite up-to-date) summary of deaths, allegiances, and some major characters in Game of Thrones. To me, the most interesting part of this is the use of darker/lighter colours and… Continue Reading →

The Sea and the Jungle

This is the cover of a book I recently started reading called The Sea And The Jungle by H.M. Tomlinson. I like the “carving” style of the artwork and how much detail the artists were able to get into it… Continue Reading →


An entertaining image which seems to pretend to be a data visualization in the form of a pie chart, but which is really only an image of a pyramid after reading the legend. An interesting trick! (Taken from the internet,… Continue Reading →

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