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Cooper Davies

Wear and Tear

Source A heatmap of the wear and tear of a steam controller overlayed as a texture to be passed through a shader. I think it’s a sweet idea to actually overlay the information on top of the actual item itself…. Continue Reading →

Physical Tokens

Source Came second place is an “information is beautiful” awards competition. These discs detail the visual deconstruction of the space odyssey.


Source A graph showing the trend in which ~70% of bitcoins have stagnated for at least 6 months. It shows an interesting behaviour of users wanting to hold onto their coins in hopes of the price going up. People are… Continue Reading →

Rush Hour

Source Another gps coordinate visualization, however in this one, it shows the change in gps coordinates over time. Here you are able to get so much more information than if it was a still image. For example, congestion of the… Continue Reading →

World Flags by Colours

Source I like how this is a tree graph which can easily be sectioned into multiple different graphs. For example, each subgroup of flags is essentially its own graph. There is no conditional dependencies present, yet the visualization makes it… Continue Reading →

Swim Training in Kona

Source A heatmap showing the swimming routes of athletes in Hawaii for the Ironman World Championships. Here you can clearly see the outline of the turnaround point of the buoy. Additionally, you get a sense of the tidal movements based… Continue Reading →

No Idea What This Is

Source I’m going to be honest here and admit that I really don’t understand what is going on in this visualization. Something to do with delamination of metal. However, I feel like if I did know what it was showing,… Continue Reading →

Facebook Messages

Source Some of the others might appreciate this vis a bit more than myself, but it is useful nonetheless. This visualization shows a woman, and her facebook messaging habits with her friends. Each column is its own conversation with a… Continue Reading →

Lab Hierarchy

Taken from our lab, this video shows the members of the lab and the number of monitors they have. It’s kind of a running joke in our lab that the more important you are, the more monitors you possess. Because… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Data Sketches

Source Pulled from a blog about the process of learning Tableau. The author goes into detail about how it isn’t an exact science, and artistic freedom is required. Here, he shows a data sketch he made showcasing what he thought… Continue Reading →

Here’s Johnny

Source A breakdown of the colour palette for each scene that took place indoors in the shining. Whats interesting about this vis is the use of colour in the film. Dull, saturated colours are normal scenes, however whenever something supernatural… Continue Reading →

The Design Process

Source How about a visualization about a visualization? Here is gif showing the design process from a map to a visualization indicating the travel times and distances of ISIS fighters to and from the territories of the Caliphate. As you can… Continue Reading →

Diverse Rats

Source Using a geo-spatial map, as well as a migration rate heat map, Scientists were able to identify two distinct rat types in New York City. Upon further investigation, they discovered that these two rats were actually separate enough in… Continue Reading →

Another Deep Learning Vis

Source Another visualization of deep learning. These are actual pixels being used instead of nodes. The clusters are based on how they have been related via the algorithm.

Energy Subsidization

Source My Father is a very passionate independent researcher when it comes to global warming. He’ll read tons and tons and tons of books, journals, TED talks, etc. despite having never finished high school. I showed him this, and in… Continue Reading →

ELO Ratings

Source As someone who is terrible at chess, this is a sweet visualization showing the top rated players since 1809. Not only can you see some competition between players, you are able to see trends in how players get better… Continue Reading →

Love/Hate Relationships

Source A polarizing cloud of the things people love/hate. This graph could be normally represented as a simple bar chart, however, by aggregating all elements into one “column” it somehow looks more interesting.

Alzheimer’s Progression

Source One of my largest personal fears is that one day I might lose my mind. This picture really resonated with me as it shows the progression of one woman’s crocheting over time as her Alzheimer’s began to worsen. Depicted… Continue Reading →


Source My wife always tells me that her friends don’t like me at first because I don’t talk enough. I come across as rude, and egotistical. I think of it like Zimbabwean currency though, or currency in general; the more… Continue Reading →

Theft in the workforce

Source When you think about theft in the workforce, I bet wage theft isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Even further, I’d be willing to bet that employer theft is also not the first thought even if you… Continue Reading →

Vector Changes

Source Maybe I should have done something like this for my state visualization of reddits data. It’s the change in income of jobs between 2002, and 2016. It shows the changes using 2D vectors, which is exactly what I was… Continue Reading →

Radial Shapes?

  Source I don’t associate with soccer in any way, but I came across this visualization showing the 32 teams of the world cup. I’m gonna be honest and say I don’t really understand this visualization. This is my way… Continue Reading →

Password Visualization

Source Its interesting to see there’s even visualizations for how to encode a password. A simple 3×3 grid becomes an 9! + 8! + 7! + 6! + 5! + 4! + 3! + 2 (factorial) unit recorder. It’s possible… Continue Reading →

The Render Time…

Source NASA rendered this in a collab for boeing using the 17th most powerful computer in the world. “The simulation was run on 5,000 Pleiades cores and required over 1 million processor hours.” Some visualizations are so tough, that even… Continue Reading →


Source This graph I find to be interesting since the author appears to have intentionally displayed the jobs which would produce an hourglass figure. Reinforced the idea that by manipulating and showing data, you can make it say anything you… Continue Reading →


Source I’ve always been fascinated by blueprints and their ability to convey real world objects in such a structured way. Everything is measured, indexed, and sorted into quick and easily identifiable tokens for pieces that are repeated.


Just some doodles I did in class the other day. If you ask Dianna, she’ll say I have an affinity for old men faces.


Source (Forgive the name) VO is a Canadian graffiti website which hosts artists from all around Canada, and displays their art sorted by artist/location/style etc. When I was 12-18 I used to dream about getting myself on this website all… Continue Reading →

Sentence Structure

Source Although this doesn’t actually represent any numerical data such as word count, it does paint an interesting picture both symbolically, as well as etymologically. These are the last words of a few chosen individuals.


Source This is a 3D representation of what a 2D view of the world would look like. What gets even crazier is that this is actually a 3D idea (The game) projected into 2D (A Screen). Even crazier is that… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin Fork

Source Although this is a very simple visual, it has huge implications. This is the number of blocks left in bitcoin to be mined, before bitcoin’s block chain gets hard forked. Essentially what this shows is how much time is… Continue Reading →

Powerful Faces

Source I can’t imagine the amount of time it would take to match the features of each image so as to generate a layered face like this. Essentially, every leader of a given country is taken as a slice, and… Continue Reading →

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Source I’m not much of a fan of geographical maps, but this one actually surprised me a bit. For example, I was not aware of the distinction of what guaranteed equal pay meant. It was interesting to see that north… Continue Reading →

Artificial and Natural Foods

Source Another look at graphs and how to represent them with large data. In this graph, the use of colour, as well as spatial partitioning combine to give a relative sense as to what you’re looking at.

Combined Flags of the World

Source There is an individual online who is attempting to combine groups of data using pixel averaging. For example, this individual once averaged all faces of the mlb. This representation is the average of all the flags of the world…. Continue Reading →

Prime Walk

Source A walk generated using the primes. Every digit was used to decide the direction of the path. For larger numbers, a larger scale was used for each step.

Bob Ross

Source An interactive visualization showing the colours Bob Ross used over the seasons. Each grouping is a season, and the higher the colour within the group, the more it was used within that season. Very fun and informative at the… Continue Reading →

More Pi Visualizations

Source Another approach at visualizing pi. Due to the possible transcendental nature of pi, we’re not even sure if a pattern exists. It’s still fun and interesting though to visualize.

Progress Update

Just a small update on the 3D update for my visualization. You can view the whole board through time and toggle certain colours on and off to see where patterns were being created. Additionally, you can make the whole object… Continue Reading →

Visualizing Large Graphs

Source This company essentially works with processors and developing them for use in machine learning applications. This graph representation has around 3mil nodes. I like the organic feeling it has to it, and the perception of an almost primitive life form.

2D Radix Sort

Source A 2D visualization of a radix sort. This is unique in that most visualizations for sorting are done technically one dimensional. If you watch the video this is pulled from, these are some really amazing visualizations

Musical Birds

Source A more abstract take on biological inspiration. Jarbas Agnelli used the position of birds on a wire to create a piece of music. Give it a listen as it is quite melodic.

Grammar Parsing Classification

Source (Slide 51) A Venn diagram labeling the types of grammar that require different parser implementations to parse. Grammars are a very difficult thing to understand and even simple visualizations like this make the area easier to work with.

A Story

Source Although this is a very easy and simple visualization, it actually tells a story. As I was reading this I read the annotations first, and it totally put myself into this persons shoes. You can feel the dread and… Continue Reading →

A History of Everything Notable

Source An interactive visualization of the timeline of anything notable that has ever happened. The way the page is laid out lets a user see the frequency in which notable events happens over time. There’s a lot of customization available… Continue Reading →

Listen to sorting

Source You cant show it, but this is an interactive visualization that lets you hear multiple types of sorting algorithms as they sort. There’s the ability to change the size, type of sort, speed, etc. Listening to some sorts on… Continue Reading →

Layered Ads

A picture I took of a flyer board across from good earth in ICT. Essentially it visualizes all the ads and notices that people want you to see over time. It could even be interactive time-wise by tearing down newer… Continue Reading →

I’m a Barbie Girl

Source A plot of the repetition of words in the song Barbie Girl. If you get a chance, watch this video which explains the layout of the graph. then read this which also explains it. Using this kind of layout, it is… Continue Reading →

Oil Tanker Plots

Source The geo-locations of oil tankers as they update their coordinates. Whats really fascinating about this is that there is no map or lines being drawn. This is entirely a scatterplot of when tankers updated their position. Geographic lines and… Continue Reading →

My Visual

My visual The full map when pixels overlap (generated from the data) This is the final visual that I generated from my data so far. I didn’t program any kind of “pattern” into the visual, the pattern actually emerged from… Continue Reading →

The Wandering Knight

Source This is a solution for the problem of the knights tour wherein a knight on a chess board is only allowed to visit each location once. This solution is for a 130×130 board and required a neural net to… Continue Reading →


Source Karnaugh maps are an incredibly useful way to visualize how to generate minimized logical circuits from full boolean logic. To really get a full understanding, I suggest reading the wikipedia page on Karnaugh maps. This kind of visualization takes… Continue Reading →


Source A superstitious symbol in more fanatic Jewish sects. The Shemhamephorash is a depiction of the 72-fold name of Gog, which gave King Solomon the power to build the temple of Solomon. I enjoy this kind of symbolism found in… Continue Reading →

Herd Immunity

Source Based off This Data This is a great visualization because there’s no actual “number” associated with the effectiveness of immunity. Instead it shows you a simulation of how herd immunity works. This allows the reader to come to the understanding… Continue Reading →

Tree Map

A tree-map of my work hard drive generated using WinDirStat. I think it’s powerful albeit not very informative on its own. For example, the giant red rectangle is actually a single text file I have been working with for my… Continue Reading →


I just found out you can hyperlink the images so click the image to find the source. I found this particular graph to be interesting due the ease of ability in understanding what exactly is going on in the graph…. Continue Reading →

Economic Disparity

Source A powerful image that portrays something as abstract as wealth, without showing any actual currency. Here you can see the divide an unequal distribution of wealth that is so apparent, that between two neighbours on, there is a noticeable… Continue Reading →

The Angels Share

Source with Proof A clever way of visualizing the exact aging process of Whiskey by showing the literal aging process of whiskey. In this photo you can clearly see two things happening 1) The “angles share” phenomenon in which during aging,… Continue Reading →

Visualization of my visualizations

This is kind of tongue in cheek. This is a visual representation of my posting habits to this visual blog. After reading through a few other posts, I began to get a feel for what certain people liked and a… Continue Reading →

Neural Net

Source Pulled from a video published by Cyber Controls which visualizes how a perceptron neural net “thinks.” As displayed by the annotation, only 2% of the network synapses are shown. This makes me realize that visualizations can not only show… Continue Reading →

Ancestry.com has nothing on this

Source A version of the tree of life which shows the genetic relation between species. This one is considerably more informative as it also explores the relation over time. The radial nature of time in this visualization is an interesting… Continue Reading →

Practice in Futility

Source Many of you may know about this image which is the Free speech flag. For those of you who do not know about this flag, this image is actually the cryptographic key for HD DVD and Blu-ray disc copying…. Continue Reading →

Sleep Schedule

Source A dad made a visualization of his daughters sleep schedule after her birth. Each layer represents a single 24 hour period. I like how you can see that the daughters schedule completely inverted within her first few weeks. Even… Continue Reading →

Scrum Board

A photo of the Scrum board in my office. I thought it was neat because you wouldn’t normally think that post-it notes on a whiteboard would be a visualization, but in this scenario my coworkers and I decided that this… Continue Reading →

NO MORE MONKEYS…. seriously… stop.

Source(Hart. V., Segermna. H. “The Quaternion Group as a Symmetry Group.” Proceedings of Bridges 2014: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture. 2014) Stereographic projection of four dimensional objects in 3 dimensional space. An interesting approach to understanding higher dimensional data. Helps… Continue Reading →

Sloane’s Gap

Source (Gauvrit, Nicolas; Delahaye, Jean-Paul; Zenil, Hector. “Sloane’s Gap. Mathematical and Social Factors Explain the Distribution of Numbers in the OEIS”. eprint arXiv:1101.4470. 01/2011.) Sloane’s gap is an interesting phenomenon that was only discovered due to this visualization. The x… Continue Reading →

Visualize Concepts

Source When I see this animation, I think of the purpose of visualizations in general; They are used to associate an abstract concept to a visual. This specific gif uses a visualization to explain the process behind Fourier Transformation which… Continue Reading →


source A funny comic by famous web-comic: xkcd. I thought this was an interesting recursive look at visualization. It’s a visualization that visualizes itself!

Papa Bless

  Source An interesting graph because it doesn’t represent the actual location of every  pizza place across the U.S.A. The author actually divided country into 20mile x 20mile cross-sections and coloured it according to whichever pizza place was closest to… Continue Reading →

Three for One

Source One thing I have always liked about compilers is the brute power of the representations combined with the simplistic display of it. The generation of one of these can be difficult due to having to reduce states and check… Continue Reading →

Disorganized Cables

My wife always mocks me because I like to keep my cables as organized as possible. After reflecting on why I prefer my cables tidy, I realized that it is due to a mix of both the aesthetic as well… Continue Reading →

Sea Ice Timelapse

Code Source Animation Source This is an incredibly interesting visualization as it shows multiple dimensions of the data in a simple way. It is able to map area to size, time to position, and temperature to colour. What I find… Continue Reading →

Word Replacements

Source Although this visualization is interesting, I think there is quite a bit that could be improved with it. For example, due to the relatively high saturation of the colour blue, a more appropriate visualization would be to separate this… Continue Reading →


Source   An interactive design showing the longest home runs of 2016. What I immediately thought about this is that it should be ordered by distance instead of by its original ordering: date. I enjoy that there does not exist… Continue Reading →

NYTimes getting more difficult confirmed?

Source This visualization is great because it feels like a single trend graph when in fact it is seven individual trend graphs collated together. The author is able to use the physical space it represents to show not only the… Continue Reading →

Star Glyph Representation

Here are two approaches to the display of a star glyph. This was generated by myself to test the difference between a solid fill mesh, and simply the points, and connections used to generate the mesh. I was attempting to… Continue Reading →

Lothar Collatz’s Seaweed Monster

(Bellos, A. and Harriss, E.Visions of the Universe: A Coloring Journey Through Math’s Great Mysteries. Experiment LLC, 2016 Source) A beautiful representation of the Collatz conjecture. If you pick a random integer n, then recursively perform the following function on n,… Continue Reading →

The Trinity Hall Prime

(Tokieda, Tadashi. “Trinity Hall Prime”. Brady Haran ; Numberphile. Video) The trinity hall prime number was a gift from JF McKee to Trinity Hall. The number is a prime with 1350 digits which is significant because it is the year the… Continue Reading →

Visual Doodles

A few doodles having to do with a project I’m doing for work implementing star glyphs. This was my attempt at explaining to a coworker What parallel coordinates are How to generate a mesh from the data Looking at the… Continue Reading →

Bulls on Parade

(Picasso P. The Bull (Le Taureau), state (I – IX). Manhattan: The Museum of Modern Art; 1946) I’m submitting this series of lithographs because in my opinion, it portrays the process of taking an idea, and turning it into a… Continue Reading →

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