This website is the “class blog” for CPSC 683 – Information Visualization.

Keeping a visual journal

Purpose: To become more visually literate and more visually aware.

Process: For every day of the class, you will select one visual and make at least one comment about it. That means 84 daily images in total, each.

A visual can be:

  • a sketch – ideas, data, concepts…
  • collect
    • images that others have created for information visualization and/or visual communication in general
    • chosen because you liked/disliked them or because you cannot figure out someone else’s reaction
  • react
    • why and which parts you like or dislike
    • annotate your images, draw on them, write on them, look at them in different scales
    • which parts might you use yourself, as-is, with changes, or never!
  • generate
    • keeping track of your developing ideas
    • including scribbles, sketches, math and words