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December 5, 2017

Time Animation

(http://www.pewresearch.org/files/2014/04/847889448.gif) This chart animates the amount of population by age group as the coming years would show it. I think it’s interesting how older females will become so dominant in the coming years for the US.

Differences in the Great Minds

(https://podio.com/site/creative-routines) This site describes some of the greatest people who’ve ever lived, and what their patterns were in terms of living. Many of them have different tasks that they do, but personally I find that completely reasonable and normal. I… Continue Reading →

Disease to Vaccine

(http://www.randalolson.com/wp-content/uploads/wsj-polio-dataviz.png) I find this visualization extremely interesting, but also possibly confusing. I’m going off the assumption that the colors are representative of the number of people with Polio. I wonder how some places managed to go from a very dark… Continue Reading →

Lines to Airplane Paths

(https://i.pinimg.com/736x/e3/99/47/e399479055f6099d77b76bb57d7fac63–data-visualization-visualisation.jpg) Lately, there’s been talk at the lab about creating a 3D map that can show airplane paths, with moving airplanes and time stamps attached. This visualizations reminds me of that, but also reminds me of how difficult and crazy… Continue Reading →


(http://blog.visme.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/data-visualization.jpg) I keep coming across this image when I’m looking for data visualizations for my visual journal, and I finally decided to make a comment on it. The wording represents that I should be seeing something amazing if I continue… Continue Reading →

Absolute Mess

(http://informationandvisualization.de/files/graph.jpg) This information visualization is such a mess, but it is a problem that I have in terms of representing text in any info vis. Do you show it all but have it extremely crowded? Or do you change it… Continue Reading →


(https://morphocode.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/urban-visualization-pluto.jpg) I actually found this visualizations extremely cool. They did a good job incorporating the use of color to help understand height, which is important when looking at a visualization such at this. However, I always have such issues using… Continue Reading →

3D Visualizations gone wrong

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYAKcXJ9Ask&feature=youtu.be) While I think that this visualization is very well done, I think that they are missing a lot of details to help the user identify what they are working on, as well as a not-so-great interface for users. It… Continue Reading →

Meta 2

(http://www.metavision.com/) I was told today that my lab received a new toy called the Meta 2. Pretty much, it is a tethered augmented reality device. However, I’m really excited to work with it because of the possibilities it presents that… Continue Reading →

Confusing but clear?

(https://cdn.business2community.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/China-US-infographic-lede.jpeg) To me, this visualization describes a lot of data, but doesn’t clearly state what it is other than at some very specific points. While the colors make it very clear which country has which values, it’s useless unless the… Continue Reading →

Physical Bar Charts

(http://www.aviz.fr/wiki/uploads/Research/phys2.png) I know earlier this semester Lora talked about physical bar charts and such, and to this day I find them interesting to play with, not informative whatsoever. While you do get to actually feel your visualization, it doesn’t give… Continue Reading →

People into Country

(https://www.mindjet.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2012/12/Demographics-101-Visualizations-from-the-US-Census-Bureau1.jpg) While this image doesn’t actually represent any numerical data, I found it very interesting that they created the US out of people. It was an interesting concept to me that people are the country.

Fortnite Victory

I was playing a new game this weekend called Fortnite and it was actually relatively interesting to see how hard I tried to get first place. While the graphics of it are lacking compared to some FPS games, it uses… Continue Reading →

Physical Tokens

Source Came second place is an “information is beautiful” awards competition. These discs detail the visual deconstruction of the space odyssey.


Source A graph showing the trend in which ~70% of bitcoins have stagnated for at least 6 months. It shows an interesting behaviour of users wanting to hold onto their coins in hopes of the price going up. People are… Continue Reading →

I like the integration here

visualizing “presence” in online discussions

My master’s thesis involved applying the Community of Inquiry framework to code discussion posts by 3 presences as indicated in the content of each post: “Teaching Presence”, “Social Presence” and “Cognitive Presence”. Here’s a view of a semester’s posts, some… Continue Reading →

closer to home

Choropleths or Data Maps (Tufte) are great at displaying a ton of information in a condensed format.  Following Graphical Excellence we can keep the data coherent by not changing the scale or representation we can maintain the mental model of… Continue Reading →

ikea ball pit – not quite

When I first saw this visualization, I was automatically reminded of the IKEA ball pits.  I remember my parents dropping me off in this area while they went shopping.  Goes to show you how long its’ been around.  Back to… Continue Reading →

states and stacked bars

In keeping with today’s current theme, here is a state wide (USA) listing of all major league world series.  I feel like this is actually an interesting way of representing state wide data.  Can fit quite a bit in this… Continue Reading →

arcs and lines and fun stuff

Recently, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around visualizations involving multiple dimensions of data and geospatial information.  This visualization in combination with the one I posted yesterday, had given me an idea!  Ideas are good, right? Thinking rather than… Continue Reading →

Playrooms x BYBORRE

December 5 Visualizing the party at a night club with connected sensors for the attendees.

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