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December 4, 2017

visualizing discussion threads

For my master’s thesis, I compared online discussions in a graduate education course, some hosted in Blackboard (before we switched to D2L), some in WordPress (which is still going strong – this class site is running on it). Part of… Continue Reading →

Sheila Hicks

Rush Hour

Source Another gps coordinate visualization, however in this one, it shows the change in gps coordinates over time. Here you are able to get so much more information than if it was a still image. For example, congestion of the… Continue Reading →

World Flags by Colours

Source I like how this is a tree graph which can easily be sectioned into multiple different graphs. For example, each subgroup of flags is essentially its own graph. There is no conditional dependencies present, yet the visualization makes it… Continue Reading →

Swim Training in Kona

Source A heatmap showing the swimming routes of athletes in Hawaii for the Ironman World Championships. Here you can clearly see the outline of the turnaround point of the buoy. Additionally, you get a sense of the tidal movements based… Continue Reading →

No Idea What This Is

Source I’m going to be honest here and admit that I really don’t understand what is going on in this visualization. Something to do with delamination of metal. However, I feel like if I did know what it was showing,… Continue Reading →

Facebook Messages

Source Some of the others might appreciate this vis a bit more than myself, but it is useful nonetheless. This visualization shows a woman, and her facebook messaging habits with her friends. Each column is its own conversation with a… Continue Reading →

Lab Hierarchy

Taken from our lab, this video shows the members of the lab and the number of monitors they have. It’s kind of a running joke in our lab that the more important you are, the more monitors you possess. Because… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Data Sketches

Source Pulled from a blog about the process of learning Tableau. The author goes into detail about how it isn’t an exact science, and artistic freedom is required. Here, he shows a data sketch he made showcasing what he thought… Continue Reading →

Here’s Johnny

Source A breakdown of the colour palette for each scene that took place indoors in the shining. Whats interesting about this vis is the use of colour in the film. Dull, saturated colours are normal scenes, however whenever something supernatural… Continue Reading →

The Design Process

Source How about a visualization about a visualization? Here is gif showing the design process from a map to a visualization indicating the travel times and distances of ISIS fighters to and from the territories of the Caliphate. As you can… Continue Reading →

Ball of Yarn

Here’s a visualization that I’m sure has it’s application.  However, to me, this is a poor choice of visualization for the data (which is not actually indicated) . It looks like a ball of yarn .

TFL Bus Routes

Quote from the author (re: youtube) – live position data of the buses traveling through TFL.  Lines represent routes with each individual dot representing the bus.  Topographic sort of view is extended to make viewing a bit easier, but in… Continue Reading →

Diverse Rats

Source Using a geo-spatial map, as well as a migration rate heat map, Scientists were able to identify two distinct rat types in New York City. Upon further investigation, they discovered that these two rats were actually separate enough in… Continue Reading →

In Flanders Fields…

Each poppy is representative of a war within the last century that had atleast 10,000 deaths. The stem grows from the year in which the war started and flowers/blooms when the war ended.  The size of the poppy is representative… Continue Reading →

Another Deep Learning Vis

Source Another visualization of deep learning. These are actual pixels being used instead of nodes. The clusters are based on how they have been related via the algorithm.

Cool Map Visualization

If I had more time on my current visualization, this would be the next sort of visualization I would consider creating.  I created similar sketches to this at the beginning of finding this current dataset – it fits well with… Continue Reading →

Energy Subsidization

Source My Father is a very passionate independent researcher when it comes to global warming. He’ll read tons and tons and tons of books, journals, TED talks, etc. despite having never finished high school. I showed him this, and in… Continue Reading →

ELO Ratings

Source As someone who is terrible at chess, this is a sweet visualization showing the top rated players since 1809. Not only can you see some competition between players, you are able to see trends in how players get better… Continue Reading →

Love/Hate Relationships

Source A polarizing cloud of the things people love/hate. This graph could be normally represented as a simple bar chart, however, by aggregating all elements into one “column” it somehow looks more interesting.

‘The Foundry’ staircase visualization

  December 4 “Small installation that visualizes consumer data on staircases in Google’s experience centre ‘The Foundry’ in Dublin.”  

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