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December 1, 2017

Social Circles of Primary Caregivers

source: https://blogs.library.duke.edu/data/files/2015/03/Presentation2.jpg I like the design of this visualization as circles have been used for different levels of care givers. It is appropriate to add level of closeness from the rings.

Ring Visualization: HIV

source: http://angelirawat.blogspot.ca/ Ring visualization is useful for data which increase over time as outer rings can accommodate more information. This visualization does not use that concept as each circle shows the constant size. The length of the circle cannot compare as… Continue Reading →

Global Flows of Agriculture and Forestry Feedstocks

source: https://blogs.library.duke.edu/data/category/data-visualization/ The design use appropriate to visualize a flow. I like the colour combination. Flows with larger with send behind the small with flows. It helpful to follow the flow.

N.Korea NUCLEAR Power

source: http://www.visualcapitalist.com/worlds-nuclear-weapons/ I like this visualization as it shows detail information about different types of nuclear weapons own by N. Korea and the their maximum range on a map. If the country is spread across a large area on the world,… Continue Reading →

Nuclear warheads in the world

source: http://nationalpost.com/news/world/north-korea-is-just-the-tip-of-the-stockpile-here-are-all-the-nuclear-warheads-in-the-world-visualized I liked this visualization as it clearly indicates the size of nuclear weapons ownership by countries. It indicates that North Korea is only one country which own nuclear warheads. The visualization has used red to highlight the N. Korea… Continue Reading →

Who has NUKES

source: http://nationalpost.com/news/graphics/world-nuclear-graphic I like the design of this visualization. However, it is very difficult to read the information. Similar colour has been used more than one country. Also, different types of Nukes cannot compared easily. Space in the ring has been… Continue Reading →

Do you think President Obama should apologize for the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

source: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/05/13/national/majority-see-no-need-for-obama-to-apologize-for-atomic-bombing-of-hiroshima-and-nagasaki-japan-times-poll/#.WiIJhkqnFPY This visualization is simple. The expected audience is general public who read the newspaper. Thus, using a simple visualization is helpful to convey the message. I like that the total is presented using pie graph. Using legend close to… Continue Reading →

Pulp Pavilion

http://ball-nogues.com/#project-250 Los Angeles-based studio Ball-Nogues designed a production process where a blend of pulp, water and pigment was sprayed onto a three-dimensionally woven lattice of natural rope, hardening into a rigid, self-supporting matrix that is much lighter than materials of comparable strength. They… Continue Reading →


I couldn’t get this to fit in my screen for a screenshot, so here’s a link. It shows the different languages spoken in NYC. It’s sort of colourful and fun, and I’m interested to see what a similar map of… Continue Reading →

Coffee vs Tea

Coffee!! I’ve been drinking like three cups per day for the last week or so. I wonder how much I’d have to drink to bump us up to the next category hehe.


This graph highlights bitcoin as being worth more than the UK’s pound. Interesting! Still not totally sure I understand how bitcoin works and it baffles me that it’s still such a big thing. (From r/dataisbeautiful)

Slacking Off to Rushing like Mad

The above image shows the number of commits I’ve made over the course of the semester for my info vis project. As you can tell, I get extremely inspired for little things, get super busy, and stop working on it… Continue Reading →

Work Slack Analytics

I find this image absolutely hilarious because it completely shows when people have midterms/assignments due, and when everyone decides to come into work. The red line shows private messages, and the purple show public messages. As you can see, near… Continue Reading →

Detailed Color Strata

(http://coolinfographics.com/blog/tag/words) I remember that Sheelagh showed something similar in class, but I thought this was much more detailed. I don’t have much use for something like this, as interesting as it is, but the next time a friend argues about… Continue Reading →

Adventure and Discovery

(https://www.visualcinnamon.com/2017/03/my-journey-into-dataviz.html) I was looking around for motivation for entries, when I stumbled across this woman’s website. While her website itself does not provide any information about information visualizations, it talks about her journey and what she loved about what she… Continue Reading →

World Representation

(https://i.pinimg.com/736x/cf/f8/89/cff889949cbe5d2a35e3e046aa259276–web-design-trends-data-visualization.jpg) I found this picture while looking for world visualizations since I’m working on something similar for work. This shows how the world population is divided. I find it incredibly interesting actually that about a quarter of the world’s population… Continue Reading →

Beauty in Presentation

(https://www.howtoforgivepeople.com/how-to-overcome-emotional-dependency) I went through a phase in my life a couple years ago where I was extremely dependent on people (even more so than I am now). I remember looking at this site, and actually having it have a huge… Continue Reading →

TV Show Hour Calculator

(http://tiii.me/) Along the trend of Netflix and hours watched, I put in a couple of TV shows I’ve finished lately into this website which calculates the length of that TV show for you. I thought it was pretty useful, even… Continue Reading →

Netflix Hours

I never realized that Netflix actually kept a history of everything that you watched, but I wanted to know how much time I’ve been spending on Netflix lately. The answer is that apparently I have been living and breathing TV… Continue Reading →

Emotional Focus

I’ve been going through a bit of a rough time for the last month or so, and whatever spare time I do have I try to throw into gaming. Yesterday was a rougher day, but it appears that I play… Continue Reading →

global wind atlas

Greenland is a little windier than I thought… via Global Wind Atlas, which calculates potential for wind power generation based on wind density, speed and frequency. https://globalwindatlas.info

The Wintergarden Marble Machine uses 2000 marbles to make music. Listen here: https://youtu.be/IvUU8joBb1Q

Boston Coastline: Future Past

So this visual might be cheating, because the project doesn’t focus on visuals, but on experience. Developed by Catherine d’Ignazio, Boston Coastline: Future Past is described by her as “a ‘walking data visualization’ in which 30 participants traced a route… Continue Reading →


December 1 “A visual history of every manned Apollo flight, charting one of mankind’s greatest achievements all the way from Kennedy’s ‘We choose to go to the Moon’ speech to Armstrong’s ‘One Small Step’ and beyond.” – Made From Data


  This animated viz starts out in 1900 and the colours are mostly blue. Simple beautiful viz with big impact.

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