Today in class Dr. Carpendale briefly mentioned money, which I was super excited about and I wanted to derail the entire class discussion to talk about this Money talk I want to in the department of Philosophy. However, due to time restraints, I resisted the urge. The point that I would really like to highlight the talk was the three different variables that had been used to encode worth. First, there is tokenization, (i.e. what we have now) a governing body says that an item they have manufacturing control over is worth a certain amount. Second, the weight of a certain material (often metals such as gold and silver but also certain kinds of shells). Third, (and most interestingly) the Yap coin, which is a massive rock, the value of these coins comes from the story of the coin itself. If someone died carrying the coin it was more valuable, if the ship that was transporting the rock sank the yap coin was more valuable (even though no one could physically have the stone anymore, it was still worth a lot and could be traded between people)

Yap Coin

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The Incredible Giant Stone Coins Of The Pacific Paradise Island Yap