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November 29, 2017

Burden of disease

source: https://ourworldindata.org/health-meta/ I think this graph presents a lot of information. As most of the colours are similar, it is difficult to identify each categories. I would reconsider the design in order to provide different categories.

Multiple arrows

source: https://ourworldindata.org/health-meta/ I like this graph as each country is shown one arrow. If average line was used, it is difficult to understand progress of individual counties. However, this type of visualization assume that the change is linear.

Job Changes

From flowingdata.com. I thought this was interesting in terms of subject matter, and the bright colours caught my eye! I wish I could choose fun colours for my project but that just seems inappropriate…

Rhythm of Food

This is a radial drawing of the date and number of Google searches for the term “kale.” I think it’s really interesting to use this layout to see if there are any seasonal trends, but I also like their use… Continue Reading →


I’m tweaking my visualization to prep for Tuesday, and this one actually made me say “holy crap! I didn’t realize that!” Insight from data I’ve been staring at for almost 2 years. Nice.

Visualization of Abstract Data

http://onformative.com/work/4010-facebook-tree This image is based on the data retrieved using Facebook’s Graph-API over four years time. A set of hybrid generative and organic tree was used to represent branches and leaves of the tree using a collection of algorithm inspired by biological… Continue Reading →

improvements incoming

While this data vis is interesting, creating this sort of wheel of emotion or personal drive, I think if there were more than 2 dimensions or things being compared we would begin to lose a lot of detail.  In fact,… Continue Reading →

Sprinkling a little Tufte in your life

While this is not a data visualization, I’ve been looking up a bit of literature from Tufte, specifically on Graphical Excellence.  Here’s one little tidbit I came across.

Musical Viz

Using pastel colours and a couple vis in one layout/dashboard I thought this visualization was rather simplistic yet elegant.  The artists aligned on the right are modern artists from what I can tell, and they’re relationship with different genres of… Continue Reading →

The Annual Report of the ERGO Hestia Group

November 29 A beautiful book of data visualizations. “As a consequence of the award in Hestia Artistic Journey Contest I had the pleasure of collaborating with ERGO Hestia Group on the 2016 year’s issue of the Annual Report. The solution I proposed involves a… Continue Reading →

Representing Worth

Today in class Dr. Carpendale briefly mentioned money, which I was super excited about and I wanted to derail the entire class discussion to talk about this Money talk I want to in the department of Philosophy. However, due to time… Continue Reading →

Glitch Rugs

Created by: Faig Ahmed Photo from: Traditional Rugs Recreated with Technological Glitches by Faig Ahmed I was asking for advice from Sasha and D’arcy about how to condense my texts down to a reasonable size. They gave me a great idea (using… Continue Reading →

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