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November 28, 2017

Alzheimer’s Progression

Source One of my largest personal fears is that one day I might lose my mind. This picture really resonated with me as it shows the progression of one woman’s crocheting over time as her Alzheimer’s began to worsen. Depicted… Continue Reading →

More work from Sheila Hicks and in this case it shows how rich work can be even in one colour.

Life in Clay

Alice from the Ilab has a project in which she embeds her personal data into handmade pottery. I absolutely love each of these pieces and how she creates an artifact that shows this data.

Hourly Breakdown of Social Networking Sites

http://blog.wolframalpha.com/2013/01/23/introducing-expanded-personal-analytics-for-facebook/ This is the hourly breakdown of different social apps that we use every day. One thing that will make sure this visualization will not stand the test of scrutiny. There is no mention of the most significant social networking site,… Continue Reading →

personal cancermetrics

This week’s topic is personal metrics and visualization. I’ve been sharing some typical things – GPS tracks, activity tracking, heart rate, steps walked, etc. And then I realized, there is one particular personal metric and visualization that means more to… Continue Reading →

Data Viz Project

November 28 The Data Vis Project attempt to create a comprehensive list of all standard data visualizations. Thoughts?  

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