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November 27, 2017

Career Paths

This is a visualization of the number of citations scientists accumulates across their careers. I think that this is a gorgeous visualization; I love the color scheme. However, I have a huge amount of trouble reading it. Some of the lower… Continue Reading →

Sentiment Over Time

http://www.columbia.edu/~jp3380/samplework.html The image shows the sentiment score of US citizens in 2012 presidential re-election. Safe to say the USA took their reelected chief positively. However, the negative score indicates it was not a clean victory for the president.

Slightly off = Very Jarring

I have overheard several people complaining about how the ilab logo’s outline just doesn’t line up between the a and b. I think this is because it is so close to lining up and doesn’t

I love how cohesive this design is with big impact

where we went

9 easy runs to loosen things up for the season. GPS tracks show we basically did laps, with some variation.

A Visual History of War

November 27 “Poppy Field is a self-initiated project – a reflection on human life lost in war. 2014 marked the Centenary of the Great War. It was a war without parallel – its scale of destruction eclipsed all previous wars…. Continue Reading →

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