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November 26, 2017

The Bechdel Test

This is the Bechdel Test article I referenced briefly in yesterday’s entry. I bring this up also because this small snippet had some of the most engaging interaction in a visualization that I’ve used recently. This shows how many films… Continue Reading →

Emojis 2

Earlier this semester I posted something similar saying I wanted to see how this portrayal of my text emotions via frequent emojis would change throughout the semester. I anticipated more negative emojis coming up, which did happen, but there seems… Continue Reading →


So what you’re telling me is… drink more coffee 😀

Scaling data for relatability

This is pretty informative. I like that it scales the population to a relatable number to make it easier to understand. Although it seems like percentages might achieve the same result?

What happens to 1 kg of coffee cherries before they are turned into roasted beans

NFL Fan Distribution

https://blogs.sas.com/content/sastraining/2013/05/16/visualizing-nfl-fans-on-a-map-based-on-facebook-like-data/ It’s safe to say that the distribution of NFL fans is regionally uniform which is not surprising. The white clusters represent missing data.

Rainbow Thread

When I was at the fabric store buying things for my project I found this rainbow thread and I got very excited. I can’t wait to use this for embroidery! I think it will for some pretty interesting embroidery visuals.

personal metrics on the hill

A SUPER slow and easy first day on skis this season. I’m still in the discovery phase of reflection on my skiing, so I’m collecting a bunch of data. I wonder if it will be useful someday…

Air Pollution

(https://earth.esa.int/web/sppa/documentation/galleries/uvn/air-quality) The above is a visualization taken from ESA and it depicts the varying air quality over the course of a week. I’m not really sure from which region they retrieved this information from, and even though heat maps are… Continue Reading →

Diverting Attention

(http://blogs.bmj.com/bmj-journals-development-blog/2015/01/05/social-media-during-epidemics-a-poisoned-chalice/) The above charge is a satire on how easy it is for the media to divert people’s attention from pressing concerns, to focus on circulating rumors. It can be said that many use social media as their main news… Continue Reading →

Wannacry Outbreak

(https://securityledger.wpengine.com/2017/05/fatal-flaw-slows-wannacry-ransomware-but-threat-remains/) The above displays the regions that were affected by the wannacry outbreak back in May. Wannacry was a dangerous ransomware attack that manages to affect over 100,000 companies.

Greek Statues

(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Greek_sculpture) Ancient Greek sculptures were made out of marble or bronze, with bronze becoming one of the more favored materials by the early 5th century. Many of these sculptures were used to represent religious beliefs, depict important political figures, and… Continue Reading →

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