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November 24, 2017

Measuring racial diversity in journalism

This comes from another article interspersed with interactive visualizations. The color choices in these visualizations caught my attention–when referring to issues in American politics, blue and red have very definite connotations. I wonder how intentional the color choices were as an attempt… Continue Reading →

accounting and sculpting

Turing Machine

http://acg.media.mit.edu/people/jarfish/turing/turing.html   This is a visualization done to simulate the Turing machine. Some key ideas came out from this visualization. A program can be clustered and laid together in such a way that it maximizes the speed of computation. It can also… Continue Reading →

Sorting Algorithms With Colour

https://franciscouzo.github.io/sort/ This interactive tool lets you select a sorting algorithm and sort the color spectrum. It is an interesting tool but I am not sure that if I didn’t understand the algorithm this would help.

Reality-based interaction

This diagram came from a paper I’m reading called Reality-Based Interaction. The idea is that interfaces always contain some compromise between the “reality” items on the left, and the extra non-reality items on the right. However, this diagram just seems… Continue Reading →


This is a painting hanging up in my friend’s house. I’m just thinking about colours when I look at this. I really like the contrast between the purple and the green.

Starry Night

(https://www.vincentvangogh.org/images/paintings/the-starry-night.jpg) Continuing on with colors, I was looking through the web and noticed Van Gogh’s paintings. Its interesting how his colors are somewhat muted but still manage to convey vibrant images. He definitely had an interesting artistic technique.

Muted Color Wheel

(https://i.pinimg.com/originals/b5/69/23/b569231c497174b16a44549e8f4b6979.jpg) I’ve been having some trouble coordinating colors in my project and Sheelagh’s suggestion was to try to use a combination of muted colors instead of vibrant ones. So here is a color wheel of pastels. It might be helpful… Continue Reading →

Colors in Cirque du Soleil

(Cirque du Soleil – Avatar – http://thecoolhunter.net/wp-content/uploads/old-blog-images/avat.jpg) I’ve always found it impressive how Cirque du Soleil always manages to combine many different colors seamlessly into a dazzling spectacle.

What I looked like on Friday night after sewing for 12 hours.

The Office Visualization

November 24 As a fan of The Office, I was super excited to come across this visualization of the series.

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