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November 23, 2017

Song Repetition

This is from an incredible article that visualizes trends in song repetitiveness in various formats.  It’s an incredibly cool interaction on top of a fairly straightforward series of visualizations. But they all come together to tell a story.

divergence and convergence

Langue d’oiseau I, Textile work by Sheila Hicks, reminds me of Rothko

Visual Programming Interface

http://acg.media.mit.edu/people/jarfish/plate/plate.html An interface like this would really help young programmers to enjoy solving problems just for fun. This is a great way to create an abstraction of the difficulty in programming. Plate integrates all the standard programming interfaces into a… Continue Reading →

3D RGB Scatterplots of colours used in famous paintings

The color of Stary Night has been spread over a 3d scatter plot. This is a cool way of visualizing an images pixels. I hadn’t ever thought about reorganizing color in a photo. https://imgur.com/a/aRBd1,Linked November 2017


Interesting! I would have expected these to get progressively darker with difficulty, but it seems like there are quite a lot of dark squares in the medium difficulty. Taken from r/dataisbeautiful

Crop to Cup

Coffee! As someone who loves coffee more than life, I know very little about it. So I found this very informative! The author spent some time growing coffee and taking notes. It’s shocking how much of it becomes waste! Taken… Continue Reading →

How Music Taste Evolved

November 23 https://pudding.cool/2017/03/music-history/ A visualization of music taste changing over time, with music mixing of the tracks as they switch their position on the top music charts. Very nostalgic and a cool way to experience a year of music in… Continue Reading →

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