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November 22, 2017

carbon footprints

interesting interactive vis on carbon footprints, reminded me of the subject meika is working on.

a little colour for your day

bob rossing it out – adding a little colour into your life.  for me, visually appealing, without interaction to isolate trends or specific points it may be a bit difficult to discern especially in areas of significant overlap.

parallel or not

thought it was an interesting looking visualization, would people consider this a spin on parallel coords ?

eat your heart out sankey


reminded me of sasha’s take on a time lapse

here comes the sun

while it may be visually appealing i find this visualization slightly difficult to interpret.  not a major fan.

a spin on tradition

layout maps and graphs

Arctic Sea Ice

This chart animates each line separately so you can see a year by year difference. I think that this kind of animation is incredibly valuable as a way to grab a reader’s attention and make a message stick.

Interaction to Understand

https://me.nektro.net/projects/circular_multiplication/#10×8 Visualizing mathematical concepts. This website allows you to play around with the variables of modular arithmetic to help understand how the numbers connect.

Sherlock Homes

  BBC’s Sherlock The TV show Sherlock has the interesting challenge of showing how Sherlock is thinking and what he is noticing such that the audience is not lost throughout the show. They overlay text on the video and show… Continue Reading →

Amorphous Shape Visualization

http://acg.media.mit.edu/people/jarfish/honey/ This is an excellent visualization of amorphous shapes and how they can be placed inside a circle.

updated strava heatmap

Strava just updated their global heatmap, visualizing all GPS tracks uploaded to the service. I turned off all roads and map labels, but it’s still pretty easy to make out the Calgary area… https://labs.strava.com/heatmap/#9.23/-114.91460/50.60659/hot/all

From the NYTimes, a map showing all the incidents along the Dakota pipeline.


November 22 https://pudding.cool/2017/03/miles/ “Miles Davis’ legacy, represented by every Wikipedia page that mentions him” – MATT DANIELS

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