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November 15, 2017


I was originally just looking for visual journal inspiration around my apartment, but the way the photo of this turned out makes me wonder if shadows or reflections could be used to assist information visualization in public places, for example…. Continue Reading →


My great-oma made this for me when I was born. It doesn’t exactly encode any data, but it’s interesting to think how needlepoint could be used for that. Something I might want to explore in the future!


I saw this online and it stuck out to me since it’s sort of related to my project data set. The colours represent the relative number of prisoners per 100,000 population. I’m curious which countries are the lighter ones without… Continue Reading →

The Media Cloud describes today’s media landscape

Visualization + Interaction with Neural Networks

http://playground.tensorflow.org My friend showed me this website and we spent a fair amount of time playing with the different node configurations to see how it affected the neural networks ability to learn. This is an awesome use of interaction to facilitate… Continue Reading →

Goldilocks Earth Similarity

http://tulpinteractive.com/goldilocks/ Visualization of exoplanets similar to earth. The number is very small which signifies how unique our planet really is.


Source This graph I find to be interesting since the author appears to have intentionally displayed the jobs which would produce an hourglass figure. Reinforced the idea that by manipulating and showing data, you can make it say anything you… Continue Reading →


Source I’ve always been fascinated by blueprints and their ability to convey real world objects in such a structured way. Everything is measured, indexed, and sorted into quick and easily identifiable tokens for pieces that are repeated.

New York Times Front Pages

I found this on Twitter, and I think it’s a super neat visual timeline. I do wish that it included years so I could figure out when pictures became more prevalent and expected on the front page.

meaningless scores

not sure I’ve ever had a perfect score in anything. the numbers. they mean nothing…

EPFL Data Monolith

November 15 “The EPFL Data Monolith presents an immersive data perspective on the complex microcosmos that constitutes university life. It is on display at the Data Square exhibition in the ArtLab building at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)…. Continue Reading →

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