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November 14, 2017

Activity Sculptures

Simon Stusak, Aurélien Tabard, Franziska Sauka, Rohit Ashok Khot, and Anreas Butz. 2014. Activity Sculptures: Exploring the Impact of Physical Visualizations on Running Activity. In IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 20, 12. Pp. 2201-2210. I read this paper… Continue Reading →

Walmart Came to Conquer Apparently

(https://uxmag.com/articles/its-about-time) These freeze frame images show the (fast as heck) expansion of walmart in the US over the course of 34 years. Also hot damn Walmart, slow down a bit.

House Hunting All Day, Every Day

(https://uxmag.com/articles/its-about-time) The above is interactive heat map developed by Trulia based on a 3 month snapshot of all the window-shopping done on their website and mobile apps. Its pretty clean and well organized – and is able to show a… Continue Reading →


Be the beat with the VisiR Music Visualizer VisiR is a music visualizer integrated with virtual reality software. The beat detection and spectrum analyzers allow for a large number of ‘permutations and combinations’ for different lights, colors, and shapes. Basically… Continue Reading →

Myers Briggs

(https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test) I did my personality test this weekend and I got mediator. These aren’t my exact results, but they are pretty similar. After discussing with a friend, turns out that a few of her letters change every time she does… Continue Reading →

Too Much Booze?

http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/more-than-200-canadians-hospitalized-from-booze-every-day-study-1.3472551 The chart shows the number of people hospitalized every day for alcohol intake. Northwest territory seems to be leading the flock here.

Spiral Staircase Pie Chart

(https://visual.ly/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/3d-618×624.jpg) I think that this visualization is really gool in that it shows all of the pieces of the pie chart as their original size, and are layered so that they do not overlap each other, making it relatively clear… Continue Reading →

Carrot seeds as inspiration for viz

Lacking in 2D, Spectacular in 3D

(http://www3.sympatico.ca/blevis/Image41.gif) This image shows a 3D graph on a 2D screen, and it honestly looks extremely underwhelming. However, imagine this visualization in 3D, where you can walk around and view all of this information at the palm of your hand…. Continue Reading →


(www.liveplasma.com) This website is one of the coolest mconnection visualizations I’ve ever seen. Based on bands you like, you can see which ones are similar, how similar, and how they are connected. This is super helpful if you are looking… Continue Reading →

Time Trends… But What Does It Mean?

(https://public-media.interaction-design.org/images/ux-daily/578c6af5a6115.jpg) This image is really nice to look at, and it shows quite a bit of information. However, I’m not sure what it means? The labels are sort of clear, and there are points that draw the user’s attention, but… Continue Reading →

Simple Yet Complex

(https://www.kaushik.net/avinash/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/oil_consumption_treemap.png) This info vis shows a really simple idea – world oil consumption. However, when you actually look at it, it becomes really difficult to decipher because the cubes are oriented differently, thus making it really hard to tell which… Continue Reading →

Text Visualization

(https://www.presentation-process.com/wp-content/uploads/v-shaped-text-visualization.jpg) Since we were discussing text visualizations a couple weeks ago, I think that this is relatively appropriate. While this is a really simple sentence, I liked how the shape of the text expressed what it was saying, and I… Continue Reading →

Gapminder Map

(http://pages.vassar.edu/acs/files/2011/06/GWM2010.png) I did a project earlier this year which incorporates this information into a moving 3D visualization, but it did not show as much information as this stationary image does due to implementation effort. This is a really good reminder… Continue Reading →

not-stacked-bars to emphasize differences

I saw this on BoingBoing, looking at gender differentiation in US jobs. At first, I thought “hey! that’s not just a stacked bar chart! What an interesting way to present the data!” and then I looked more closely, and realized… Continue Reading →


I fond this image from the announcement gallery of the new Visual Journalism book (https://www.amazon.com/Visual-Journalism-Infographics-Newsrooms-Designers/dp/3899559193). This one appeared with no description, but I can gather from context that it’s from German newspaper Die Zeit and is called Kriegsjahre (“War Years”… Continue Reading →

Sound as Color

November 14 “Sound as Color is an exploration in converting audible frequencies to electromagnetic waves perceptible to human eye relative to that of the audible frequency range of the input sound signal.” – Ronnie Pence

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