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November 12, 2017

almost interactive data

I spent the day wrestling with ChartJS, and slowly remembering how to iterate through arrays and build things that do stuff. I’m pretty out of practice. What an eye-opener. I need to build things more often. Anyway. This is almost… Continue Reading →

Let’s get physical! #5

Stacked graph with text to embroidered blanket?

So much data

Didn’t quite understand what the vis was about because it’s another language, however, look at all that data.  Check out the use of so many different scales.  This thing is packed full of goodness.

Another painting from last year

Pharmaceuticals Affecting Fish Farms

https://searchenginewatch.com/2016/06/28/17-inspirational-examples-of-data-visualization/ The image shows what percentage each pharmaceutical drugs are affecting fish farms by constructing a fish using the pills.

Earth’s Population

Normally when using a map to visualize data, the visualization can be misleading because of the size of the country taking up more space. On this map “each yellow cell represents a 3-by-3 mile area of land with a population… Continue Reading →

Vacation Visualization

November 12 “4,000 photos over 13 trips, their colors visualized. Further experimentation in color.” – Shirley Wu Check out this interactive visualization here!  

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