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November 11, 2017


In case anyone was wondering how chinook winds happen, this is it! And hopefully we get a lot of this this winter. I’m surprised at the altitude required for it. I would have expected it to be higher.

energy usage as proxy for activity

Enlighted has an energy monitoring tool that can be used to map “hot spots” in a building. This could probably be mapped onto occupancy/availability pretty easily. Combine it with RF signal mapping to figure out where wifi devices are throughout… Continue Reading →


Truly depressing. Can I just live on another planet please? Source given at bottom of image.

Coffee Cloud

This seemed appropriate to post given our recent discussions of how word clouds are terrible. This stuck out to me as topical mainly because I’m writing this while sitting in a Starbucks. This shows the words used in their Global… Continue Reading →

Let’s get physical! #4

scattered star graph to stacked star candle holder

Orbiting Satellites

https://blog.udacity.com/2015/01/15-data-visualizations-will-blow-mind.html The trajectories of 1300 active satellites orbiting the earth. Each circular shape represents one satellite, color-coded by their respective country and sized based on the mass during the launch.

My view of sliding snow from inside airplane hangar.


I love pictures of notebooks and sketchbooks–I feel like they give insight into the development of thought that you just can’t get digitally (as well as showing the experience of life like bending of paper and coffee stains). This is… Continue Reading →

Visualizing DDR

November 11 A data visualization of every DDR song from their step charts (varying in difficulty) http://sxywu.com/ddr/

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