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November 10, 2017

Chinese Characters

(https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/99/Hanzi.svg/1200px-Hanzi.svg.png) I always found it interesting that written language managed to diverge so much during its development. Chinese characters are completely different from the scripts used in the west. Its almost as if different emphasis were placed on aesthetics and… Continue Reading →


(https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1003/7610/files/Banksy-No-Future_f50f7679-5c1b-4716-8a54-856fa275b95b.jpg?5135930552169596236) I love how Bansky’s pieces are always able to convey hidden criticisms to society. Even though their designs are simple, they really make you stop and look.

Escher’s Metamorphosis

Escher was a graphics artist who was known for his mathematical pieces. The above is his Metamorphosis print, and it is incredible how detailed he managed to make each quadrant while also allowing them to seamlessly shift into one another.


(http://mesosyn.com/reflectionArt-02.jpg) I just thought this piece looked really cool.

Let’s get physical! #3

@Copper suggested this during the speed dating class. Each sentence maps to a unique line segment and the line segments move in a direction base on the emotional analysis. This could be done with augmented reality or wire/plastic.

heatmap of big matrices

I’m trying a new heatmap library that was developed for visualizing genetic and cancer data. It looks like it could be really useful for my dataset…

Payback Musicians

https://www.clickz.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2016/06/streaming-pay.png?_ijcid=1511201541270|1.198636580.1511201397826.1b9a261d The visualization shows how different music platforms payback to the musicians who keep this platform running. Although YouTube is the most significant platform, it also lookout for the contributing artist the least.

Volunteer map makers in London map areas in Malawi during a Mapathon

Collective Debate

This 3D line chart comes at the end of a collective debate experience by MIT, in which they ask you about your morals and scale your results by how much you care about Harm, Fairness, Ingroup, Authority, and Purity. Then… Continue Reading →

Explore Adventure

November 10 Visualizing travel search results by locations from around the world. http://explore-adventure.com

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