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November 9, 2017


This is a visualization of happiness across the states. It’s interesting that the west is happier. I wonder why that is. (Also from r/dataisbeautiful).


I was perusing r/dataisbeautiful again and I came across this visualization of cows per person in 2017. I guess this is useful for people in farming and agriculture but it’s so far removed from my life that I just found… Continue Reading →

Let’s get physical! #2

Topic Swirl in a block of plastic vs Topic grouping blobs

Malaria No More Scarf

This scarf is a physicalization by Giorgia Lupi that shows the lives saved by Malaria no more. It’s sort of a timeline in which each square of color represents the data at that particular year. Her original sketches, which you… Continue Reading →

Protein Taxonomy Viewer

https://rostlab.org/services/biojs/gsoc.html Proteins are building blocks of our body and is responsible for many functions such as growth and repair of the cell, signal generation, etc. So, the study of proteins for different types of species is vital for scientific advancements…. Continue Reading →

Data Visualization in Korea

2014 Good Neighbors business plans and budgets by Vice Versa (https://www.moma.org/explore/inside_out/2015/12/10/data-visualization-design-and-the-art-of-depicting-reality/) Data visualization in Korea hasn’t completely burst through at the moment, as not many works in the field have been published along the years. There are a few Korean… Continue Reading →

Keeping the map ball rolling

Thought this was an interesting visualization.  First, it reminded me of Winamp (I think that’s how it was spelled), anyone remember that puppy?  None the less, I thought this was a cool spin on data visualization in the 3d sense. … Continue Reading →

Another map vis

Another map visualization that utilizes this “texturing” / 3d technique but in a different sort of way.  Here we have a view of all the streams and rivers throughout the US.  It uses open source QGIS software to pull in… Continue Reading →

Map Visualization

  Lately, I’ve been looking at visualizing data on maps.  This was actually one idea I had in mind – very similar, it was interesting when today, I came across this.  I don’t have the skills necessary at this point… Continue Reading →

deck.gl geo viz from uber

some great looking geospatial visualizations are possible with this toolkit. You know. if you’re into mapping data onto maps. http://uber.github.io/deck.gl/#/documentation/layer-catalog/hexagon-layer full toolkit available on github: http://uber.github.io/deck.gl/

The Most Translated Words

  November 9 Visualizing the most translated words in an interactive data visualization. Check it out here!

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