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November 8, 2017


Truthfully, I just liked the aesthetics of this viz.

Jobs – Recession

This visualization looks at different sectors and respective jobs.  Plotted over time.  Pretty nifty use of the sort of double stacked bar chart.

Interactive Streamgraph

Using StreamGraph to display temporal features. How do you add some interactivity to this visualization??

Global Language Network

  The Macro Connections Group at MIT Media Lab released Global Language Network, an interactive visualization of the world’s many languages and their relationships to each other. Most Languages derive from English? I cannot find my language in this mix!

Visualizing an Ancient Roman Town

Researchers have been able to develop a set of data to visually reconstruct an ancient town as it existed in its time. The visual results, and the information gained from it, have been nothing short of astounding……….

Using Visualization to increase the number of Students with STEM degrees

Visualizing the number of enrollments and drop out from STEM subjects to drive degree completion

Visualization of the Physical Elements

Interesting Visualization of the Elements according to there relative abundance.

(https://www.moma.org/explore/inside_out/2015/12/10/data-visualization-design-and-the-art-of-depicting-reality/) Small Arms Imports/Exports: an interactive visualization of government-authorized small arms and ammunition transfers from 1992 to 2010. Google idea (2012). Visualization displayed at MOMA.

Nielsen’s Global Consumer Confidence Tracker

I find this simple to understand and interpret. It is also very interactive and user friendly.

Visualizing Tweet emotions

Collections of tweets are visualized in numerous ways: by sentiment, by topic, by frequent terms, and so on. Individual tweets are drawn as circles. Each circle’s colour, brightness, size, and transparency visualize different details about the sentiment of its tweet.

DataShader Web Based Map Visualization

Routes followed by shoppers Visualized using Bokeh Datashader for the web.  

Let’s get physical! #1

I took my original sketches are started thinking about turning them into physical representations. 3D scatter plot to scatter post?

cancer survival rate changes

Data from an article in JAMA, chart by Chris Canipe at Axios, which tells the story of the data more clearly than the bar charts in the original article. Original article: https://academic.oup.com/jnci/article-lookup/doi/10.1093/jnci/djx030 Axios chart: https://www.axios.com/axios-am-2507660413.html

Home Run Map

The visualization from yesterday (by Susie Lu) was done with Semiotic, a data visualization framework for React. I was curious and I found this example on their site. If you can see on the right, you can choose the different… Continue Reading →

By Nick Cave

Visualization Using Electronic Parts

http://www.re-flexion.net/tag/electronic-art/feed/ Nandita Kumar is a young Indian artist who uses electronics to make sculptures and other visualizations. She transforms the electronic material, using its plastic characteristics, to create new objects. She also uses the electronic function of the components. Her work raises… Continue Reading →

Phantom Terrains

November 8 Visualizing the wireless signals that we encounter every day by converting it into sound. http://phantomterrains.com

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