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November 7, 2017


This came from a paper I read for my other class. It’s supposed to visualize how many times grounded theory method is mentioned in papers. It needed a lot of explanation in the text of the paper. The vis doesn’t… Continue Reading →

Life Expectancy

I came across this one on r/dataisbeautiful. It visualizes changing life expectancy over the years in various parts of the world. It reminded me of the point Sheelagh made in class recently about how there isn’t really a third world… Continue Reading →

music moods

a combined timeline/scatter/bubblegram, showing “moods” of music, by album. incredibly subjective, but the bubblegraphs smell like something that might work with my data… I saw it on Pinterest, so of course any provenance or author information is gone. It points… Continue Reading →

Strong Openers and Late Bloomers

This vis is by Susie Lu and it takes inspiration from the New York Time’s 2008 visualization (http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2008/02/23/movies/20080223_REVENUE_GRAPHIC.html). This shows the total box office revenue of 2016 and then separates it out into strong openers and late bloomers. I admit… Continue Reading →

Wearable projection system

developed by  Microsoft Research and Carnegie Mellon University http://www.kurzweilai.net/wearable-projection-system-turns-any-surface-into-a-multitouch-interface. This way of interacting is incredible! If this was available it would be  awesome to use as an interaction with my blanket


I always found the representation of deities in different religions to be quite fascinating. Its quite amazing how much variety and depth each religion can bring to its gods, developing rich myths, stories, and illustrations for every single one.

Plain to see what’s wrong here


Check out this sankey !  Freddy Mercury seems to dominate.

Tableau it

Tableau, Excel, D3, Google Charts, Microsoft Power BI – all great softwares for visualizations.  They are becoming very rich in their feature sets that visualizations like the one above are possible with minimal effort (re: Tableau)

Hurricane Noel

https://www.hakaimagazine.com/article-short/amplifying-data-through-art Here, data from Hurricane Noel has been used to create this musical sheet. To create this artistic interpretation of Hurricane Noel, Miebach started with a six-octave piano keyboard (seen on the right) and plotted wind, temperature, and barometric pressure data… Continue Reading →

A Year of Scrabble

November 7 A year of Scrabble games visualized in many different ways. Check out the full project here.

November 7 A year of Scrabble games visualized in many different ways. Check out the full project here.

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