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November 6, 2017


Progress update! This is only semi-visual, but I have my code able to get my data summary into a tree structure with only two very minor bugs that I can see so far. Hopefully this will be relatively easy to… Continue Reading →

UC campus


Just some doodles I did in class the other day. If you ask Dianna, she’ll say I have an affinity for old men faces.

(https://thumbnails-visually.netdna-ssl.com/star-trek-timeline_5198b70e142e5_w1500.jpg) Pretty interesting arc diagram like visualization for the general time line of StarTrek. Its pretty clean and easy to understand.


Source (Forgive the name) VO is a Canadian graffiti website which hosts artists from all around Canada, and displays their art sorted by artist/location/style etc. When I was 12-18 I used to dream about getting myself on this website all… Continue Reading →

Sentence Structure

Source Although this doesn’t actually represent any numerical data such as word count, it does paint an interesting picture both symbolically, as well as etymologically. These are the last words of a few chosen individuals.

TA Survey

The results of the TA survey from CSGS were released! Most of the questions seemed to have one answer that the majority of people selected. This one was interesting in that the variation of answers was more pronounced. From this… Continue Reading →


I’m playing around with a radar view of my data – using the chart in excel, and then building it in an interactive format using Chart.js (which is much less painful to use than D3.js)

The Evil of Daylight Savings Time

I apologize for the US only map, but they didn’t have one for all of North America. But my point still stands– we should abolish daylight savings time. This map is amazing in that it shows how much more reasonable… Continue Reading →

Pi Quilt – Theodore Gray

by Theodore Gray http://home.theodoregray.com/quilt-products/pi-quilt A quilt displaying a large number of the digits of pi. A great example of white thread on white fabric.

Tsunami Sculptures Exhibition

https://www.hakaimagazine.com/article-short/amplifying-data-through-art The floating sculpture in the picture is created by Echelman’s studio which used data from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to generate the 3D models. The name of the ethereal aerial piece, 1.26, comes from the number of… Continue Reading →


November 6 The Visual Agency posted a simple chart daily. Check their instagram hashtag for a ton of minimal visual inspiration.

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