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November 1, 2017

Agile Software Methodologies Text Visualization

This is a text visualization on agile software engineering methods. As can be seen, some of the more prevalent terminologies are backlog, team, sprint, scrum, and product. This gives the viewer a good idea of what it is about right… Continue Reading →

Code Organization

The way we organize code provides a visual understanding for other coders. We know that the indentation conveys a nested structure. The colours also distinguish different section of code. Here we see that the text following the two slashes (comments)… Continue Reading →

fun with digital signage

Today was “take your kid to work day” at my son’s school, so he got to tag along with me for the day. One of the projects we worked on was to make a graphic to advertise an upcoming workshop…. Continue Reading →

Historical flows of the Willamette River in Oregon

Impressive and beautiful picture of the historical flow of the willamette river.  This river and valley was shaped by the great ice age floods of Glacial Lake Missoula.

Visualization Web Traffic

This visualization considers the 25 most visited websites in Italy during the month of July. It is organized from left to right according to the number of visitors. Each category shows in detail the type of data stored and the… Continue Reading →

Hyperbolic Tree Visulization using Javascripts

Using the Javascripts InfoVis framework to create a Hyperbolic Tree.

US Unemployment Rates

Inspired by the fantastic 2D heat map, Visual journalist Jon Keegan created this quick chart using U.S. unemployment rate starting from January 1948

Data Physicalization: Damiao’s DataPhys Project

Using simple features, Evandro Damiao a data intelligence professional from Brazil creates a project that allows even blind people to interact with graphics through audio, braille, acrylic and a lot of creativity.

Timeline of Elves in LOTR

(https://visual.ly/community/infographic/entertainment/timeline-elves-tolkiens-works) I’m on a Tolkien spree. The above displays the timeline of elves in the  Lord of the Rings universe which I found to be pretty neat.

Text Connections

Ahmad Ragab. Text Connection Visualization. YouTube. May 13, 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZMvQ5BD-r0,Linked November 2017   This is a visualization tool created to compare words in different texts. The position of the word is its average location in the text and the green lines… Continue Reading →

Yearly Sun Graph for Calgary

As we creep closer to winter, I wanted to check the sunrise time for today which seemed later than it had any reason to be, I found this graph. I love being able to see the differences of day length… Continue Reading →

Visualizing music with the help of light painting

November 1 “[Stephen Orlando] took his passion for capturing motion in space to a new field: music. He added a light emitting system to violins to capture the movements of the musician, which turns it into a light work of… Continue Reading →

Who is Obama Calling?

https://visual.ly/community/infographic/politics/who-white-house-calling-2015 This is a handy but straightforward visualization for those who want to follow political events. It is clear Obama’s prioritization of foreign diplomatic ties. The number of calls either signifies an attempt to maintain a good relationship with international… Continue Reading →

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