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October 28, 2017


October 28 “We created Vizzy because the “like” button doesn’t always translate in the physical world. But your opinions deserve to be seen and heard. Vizzy uses an interactive voting interface to provide a daily data visualization around a given… Continue Reading →

LEGO calendar visualization

Interesting use of lego to visualize a calendar – and bonus marks for making it integrated. Apparently, taking a photo of the lego calendar with an app triggers google calendar somehow. http://vitaminsdesign.com/projects/lego-calendar/

Starbucks Symbols

Starbucks employees use shorthand symbols to represent the drink that needs to be made. It must be like learning a mini language to work there. This “CH” was for my chai latte. What would they write if I had asked… Continue Reading →

3D Cone Tree and 2D Shadows

Another wonderfully low-res example of a cone tree by Richardson et al. This one “descends” in a horizontal direction, which is different from previous examples I’ve seen. I like that the shadows below the tree give a kind of 2D… Continue Reading →

Cone Tree

Another example of a 3D tree (created by Alan Dix). My apologies for the low resolution, I couldn’t find this in a better quality. This one uses a cone structure to show the parent-child relationships, hence it is titled “cone… Continue Reading →

Circular Tree Layout

Another version of a word tree. I like this circular layout a lot more than the horizontal one I shared previously. (Stanford University)

Top 10 English Words Visualization

https://newatlas.com/art-ones-and-zeros-data-visualization/49926/ This is a visualization of the top 10 words translated from all 10 languages combined into English.  The words are repeated in a circular pattern positioned from the center based on their rank. Although I can’t see the point… Continue Reading →

The Emotions of London

  This is from an analysis of how the “different emotions come to be associated with different locations in fictional London.” While I think it’s an amazing concept and dataset, I am somewhat confused by the colors chosen in this… Continue Reading →

Playing with my data 2

Term Berry: generated by Voyant Tools: http://voyant-tools.org This is an interesting way of getting the same information as a word tree but through interaction. You hover over the word you are interested in, it gives you the frequency of that word… Continue Reading →

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