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October 27, 2017


October 27 “Locu was created by 72U in a search for the ideal creative working environment. We wanted to explore where we could be our optimal creative selves. We made a limited run of 70 to give as gifts to… Continue Reading →

unity mockup

this is a super crude quick Unity mockup of a subset of my data. I wanted to test to see if an idea might work – I think it might. Now, to flesh out the concept a little more. more… Continue Reading →

“I Am Afraid” – Maria Lantin

(http://marialantin.com/i-am-afraid/) I took this picture myself but the link to the project is provided. This was an incredible visualization – the idea is that you could use a wand to run over parts of the words, and start to play… Continue Reading →

LlamaZoo Visualization

This is something I saw at an event while I was in vancouver. A user is using the Vive to manipulate a dog with all of its internal components visible. The idea is to teach people anatomy of animals, and… Continue Reading →

Rubix Cube Advice

I was awkwardly walking through the airport in Vancouver when I saw this ad, and for some reason it was extremely appealing to me. Maybe because of the finished rubix cube, but it was one of the few things that… Continue Reading →

Data City

This is a page from Data City, a “graphic novel” data storytelling mashup with inspiration from Frank Miller’s Sin City. While I have mixed feelings about that comment about millennials, I still think the project seems really fun. I love when people… Continue Reading →

Playing With My Data 1

Generated with Voyant Tools: http://voyant-tools.org Well, we went over all the reasons word clouds are bad in class but this was an interesting look into the speech patterns that my partner and I use.  This might be a good stepping stone if… Continue Reading →

Poetic Visualization

http://www.visualcomplexity.com/vc/project_details.cfm?id=386&index=27&domain=Art Each year in Bremen, Germany an international literature festival is organized. Every year a design theme is chosen to turn poetic texts into an image by a computer program. The image displayed here is one of the representation. Each… Continue Reading →

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