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October 21, 2017

The Evolution of Video Game Controllers

October 21 An interesting, and a bit difficult to read, history of video game controllers.

Missing information

I’d love for my tablet to give me a little more information. It’s been “100% complete” for the last 15 minutes so what am I missing here?

Check Engine

I think my car might be trying to tell me something… You’d think a bright yellow light would get its message across, but it’s three years later and here we are. It’s just become part of the scenery.

Sculptures of form and light

This was a sidewalk-scale art project in Houston, with giant flowers lit from beneath showing various colours. Sometimes, they were in random cycle mode, sometimes, they seemed to be coordinated to show patterns. This would be an interesting and walkable… Continue Reading →

Ikea Cookbook

The photos are by Karl Kleiner. As most people know IKEA instructions are entirely constructed with pictures. This allows them to avoid printing instructions in a multitude of languages. Here is that idea carried forward into an IKEA cookbook. It is… Continue Reading →

Keyboard Frequency Sculpture

Keyboard Frequency Sculpture by Micheal Knuepfe. 2010. http://dataphys.org/list/keyboard-frequency-sculpture/. Linked October 2017   I quite like this use of the original object in the physicalization. It reminds me of the way Chris Jordan uses the objects he is representing in the representation.

Looking into different types of masks for my viz while I map the data.

Philosopher’s Web

I had a lot of usability issues when trying to play with this visualization. It’s supposed to show connections between philosophers, but I am having a huge problem with lag and I can’t zoom in close enough to see anything…. Continue Reading →

Game of Prochrastination

http://www.bestinfographics.co/the-cure-for-procrastination-infographic/ I was looking online to find a cure for my procrastination for the visual journal entry. Then I came across this exciting game. I thought why not play a game where I have to pick a certain number of yes or no… Continue Reading →

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