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October 19, 2017

Adobe Project Lincoln

At the Adobe MAX conference, they discussed one of their new prototype tools, Project Lincoln, which will be used for data visualization. It’s supposed to be focused more on the visuals and ease of use. This example, however, doesn’t seem… Continue Reading →

Musical Birds

Source A more abstract take on biological inspiration. Jarbas Agnelli used the position of birds on a wire to create a piece of music. Give it a listen as it is quite melodic.

Grammar Parsing Classification

Source (Slide 51) A Venn diagram labeling the types of grammar that require different parser implementations to parse. Grammars are a very difficult thing to understand and even simple visualizations like this make the area easier to work with.

A Story

Source Although this is a very easy and simple visualization, it actually tells a story. As I was reading this I read the annotations first, and it totally put myself into this persons shoes. You can feel the dread and… Continue Reading →

Visualization: Version 1.0

Obviously still needs a TON of work, but I’ve started implementing my visualization. There’s a couple of things I’ve done that are missing here, but generally the idea is that if you click on the hotel amenities (pool, gym, tennis… Continue Reading →

Research Poster

(Sources taken about the patent US5718632 A) This is the poster that I have to do for CPSC 699, and it’s probably not the best thing I could have done. But surprisingly, I actually really like it. The mixing of the… Continue Reading →

Electron Density Contours

1947 – Dorothy Hodgkin’s Electron Density Contours http://dataphys.org/list/electron-density-contours/ , Linked October 2017 This physicalization shows the structure of penicillin. I love how beautiful this is. It looks like something I might be able to accomplish with maker vis. I could… Continue Reading →

Bandwidth Visualization

(http://blog.threestory.com/wordpress/topics/data-visualization) The above depicts a visualization regarding web browsing. Its quite visually captivating albeit a bit confusing. The key only references to the sizes of the circles but does not mention anything regarding color or localization. I don’t really know… Continue Reading →

Miguel Chevalier visualizing motion and interaction

A crazy series of interactive visualizations of motion. What if people in a space bend the space time fabric like the traditional visualization of planets in orbit around the sun? How could these visualizations be used to provide feedback on… Continue Reading →

Recipes Visualized Physically

October 19 Food is organized and placed on minimal backgrounds, visualizing the ingredients and required tools for each recipe. See all of them yourself at: https://www.behance.net/gallery/57167651/Eva-Trio-foodstyling?tracking_source=curated_galleries_list  

Kinetic Visualization

  http://www.markuskison.de/kinetic.html The image shown above is a real-time visualization of recent emotional expressions. Plutchik described eight emotions in his book. Each of these along with their weakened and amplified counterparts forms a cone consisting of 24 areas. So, when someone uses… Continue Reading →

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