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October 16, 2017


https://www.boredpanda.com/for-inktober-i-focused-on-mental-illness-and-disorders/ Everyone has some form of social anxiety disorder (SAD). I think the image perfectly represents what someone feels during this time. It feels like everyone in the society is trying to get you.  But you feel like your hands… Continue Reading →

Augmented Reality Sandbox

UCLA’s youtube channel, video title: UCLA’s Augmented Reality Sandbox, posted July 22 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CE1B7tdGCw0 , Linked October 2017 This interactive physicalization is so amazing! You can move the sand around and it will project a topographical layout on top. It will simulate… Continue Reading →

Love the simplicity of this. Although I can’t read it, the use of colour and clothing is very effective.

From Global Forest Watch. When you see the news and then see what is essentially mapping of live data, it’s a very useful visualization for anyone effected.


Of all the times I’ve been to this friend’s house, I never noticed the pattern on the curtains in his bathroom is actually made of little soldiers. At a glance it only looks like some pattern of red circles and… Continue Reading →

traces of motion

For my research, I’m thinking a lot about how to visualize histories of motion – traces of where people have been in a space – and I keep coming back to something like tracks in snow. The space is defined,… Continue Reading →

Layered Ads

A picture I took of a flyer board across from good earth in ICT. Essentially it visualizes all the ads and notices that people want you to see over time. It could even be interactive time-wise by tearing down newer… Continue Reading →

I’m a Barbie Girl

Source A plot of the repetition of words in the song Barbie Girl. If you get a chance, watch this video which explains the layout of the graph. then read this which also explains it. Using this kind of layout, it is… Continue Reading →

Oil Tanker Plots

Source The geo-locations of oil tankers as they update their coordinates. Whats really fascinating about this is that there is no map or lines being drawn. This is entirely a scatterplot of when tankers updated their position. Geographic lines and… Continue Reading →

Memory Addresses

(http://www.avr-tutorials.com/sites/default/files/PUSH2.jpg) Memory addresses are usually represented spatially even though they aren’t as organized within a computer as the visual would lead you to believe. These representations are used to help viewers understand memory placement in a more intuitive manner.

Circle of Fifths

I’m going to be honest: I don’t really understand this visualization. It was drawn by jazz musician and composer John Coltrane; the article says that’s a circle of fifths and goes on to explain its relevance to general music theory… Continue Reading →


  Oct 16 “Audio is a powerful device that can add emotion or context to a story. Unfortunately audio clips force uncomfortable choices: read or listen, but not both. Until now. SoundCite is a simple-to-use tool that lets you add… Continue Reading →

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