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October 15, 2017

Smartphone Skirt Fashion Technology

Nokia partnered up with Fyodor Golan to create this smartphone skirt. It uses 70 screens “which appear to be moving because of the installed software, which is built to mimic its surroundings.” It is a literal metaphor for fashion technology, and… Continue Reading →

NY Fashion Week Collection Colours

This visualization is also from the NY fashion week. It is a “fingerprint” of the collections. It depicts the colour that goes into the collection to highlight the trends. “Each look is broken into a minimal stack of color bars,… Continue Reading →

Drug Use

The image is collected by one my friend visiting “Faculté des Sciences et Technologies Nancy” in France. The visualization is quite simple yet powerful. Even though I  don’t know french still I understood the basic idea behind the representation. Visitors… Continue Reading →

Beads of Courage

I went to a Beads of Courage charity event last year and learned about this organization, it wasn’t until now I really thought about it as a physical visualization. Kids with cancer receive a bead for a variety of things from… Continue Reading →

Front Row to NY Fashion Week

I have an active interest in fashion, so this “Front Row to Fashion Week” visualization really caught my eye. These are all the outfits from one designer, Narciso Rodriguez, and you can scroll over them to have a magnified view… Continue Reading →

Data Sketches

Here is a slide from my presentation that shows the data sketches that I have been working on to develop the idea for my project. I have focused on various parts of the data and various types of graphs.

Holomaps in Your Living Room

Holomaps is an augmented reality app that lets you view geospatial data through AR glasses ie. the HoloLens. In my opinion, it is a really cool tool to interact with spatial data. “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gpuYzWVP9w”  

Bulk Candy (for Halloween)!

With Halloween approaching, I felt a magnetic pull towards candy. The bulk candy section in a grocery store is a good place to visually examine what kinds of candy is popular/ available. This is a very compartmentalized view of everything… Continue Reading →

Lemons versus Limes

I went grocery shopping and noticed the supply and demand of lemons versus limes in a very visual way. Lemons are 2x more available than limes.

Titanic Survivors

Titanic is one of the first movies that I saw in a movie theater as a child, so it always fascinated me. Here is a Sankey diagram/ parallel sets diagram that depicts who survived. It is actually interactable up and… Continue Reading →

Really well done viz on employment


Well, “productivity.” I picked up a Luxafor USB LED “busy” indicator last year – one of the fun parts of open office environments – and it integrates with DeskTime. I figured, why not see what it can do? So, I… Continue Reading →

City and Rural Population 1890

In an interesting bit of US history (I learned about while reading this article), W.E.B. Du Bois drew and exhibited visualizations about black Americans at the 1900 Paris World’s Fair. He’s quoted in this article as saying: “I wanted to… Continue Reading →

Where can North Korea’s missiles reach?

Oct 15 An impactful data visualization + news article discussing how far North Korea’s missiles could actually reach.  

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