Emotional Tactile Map by Kate McLean

http://sensorymaps.com/portfolio/emotional-tactile-map/ , Linked October 2017

It is probably frowned upon to take so many pictures from a single blog but I felt these were all so relevant to my data. Regardless I promise this will be my last one. I find this a really interesting take on physicalizing emotions that I hadn’t considered. This is an emotional analysis of a year of McLean’s life. She contrasts fear and elation on one side and on the other surprise and anticipation. She based the physicalization on Inuit floating maps of territorial fishing grounds of coastal Greenland, which look like this:


I love this shape. Probably for much of the same reasons I like the Goog Night Sms necklace. It is simple and beautiful. I just wish there was a way of grounding these beautiful physicalizations in their empirical roots.