At this point, I started thinking about something that I discuss a lot with my co-worker, Cooper. The way he thinks is extremely different from me, but also provides a point of view that I don’t often think about. For him, he thinks that virtual reality can have a big impact on what we think as size, using the user as a comparison point. For this visualization, you can view all the different hotel models, along with the number of different traveller types that visit that hotel within the dataset. However, you can also choose a single hotel to view, teleporting you inside of the visualization. Once situated, you can see the actual number of people who reviewed the hotel and the type of people who reviewed it, and I think it could actually change a user’s perspective, rather than just looking at it from a height. In addition, the model of the hotel would be proportionate to the user.

For the rest of my visualizations following, I think that I moved away from actual visualizations, and focused more on user experience inside of virtual reality. My hope is that I can eventually combine my earlier ideas as well as UX benefits that come from VR for my project.