I was supposed to do this last week, but this is the visualization that D’Arcy and I made during Lora’s class. I thought it was actually the most fun I’ve had creating visualizations, because I’m always limited by the fact that I’m thinking about how to program it. For this exercise, none of the implementation had to be done, so it was just a lot of time messing around. In addition, we got to choose which data we wanted to use, completely removing the restraint of worrying about data cleaning and what was available in terms of data.

Now that I’m reflecting on it, I think that a lot of my sketches for the project suffered from the fear of having to code it, and knowing that I can’t be as creative as I want. This exercise was a complete mess, but definitely something that I would have loved to expand on. Personally, I think that the movement aspect that we had was probably the most fascinating, along with other people serving drinks to other people.