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October 8, 2017

Candy Crush Rewards Scheme

This is the reward screen that appeared when I came back to play candy crush. It is a visualization that tells you how many consecutive days you have been playing the game. If you keep coming, you are rewarded in… Continue Reading →

likelihood of success

  source: https://visual.ly/blog/sports-data-visualization-vs-television/   I like the combination of a image with data visualization. New technology is helpful to collect different types of information. These new information can to be visualized using creative methods.

Calgary Green Cart Compost Sticker

This is the informational sticker on the compost bin that all Calgarians received as a part of the green cart roll-out. This is an effective visualization that allows people of all ages to quickly gauge what can and cannot go… Continue Reading →

Most scored areas

source: https://www.analyticsvidhya.com/blog/2015/05/data-visualization-resource/ This figure does not have any number but it clearly shows the areas need to be covered. I like the way colour and 3D view of the boxes as it helpful to easily understand the visualization.

Average time spend

source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/were-working-more-hoursand-watching-more-tv-1435187603 I like this visualization draws the attention as they have human figure. Also, the different part of the body has matched to different activities.

Gemstone Jewelry Dust Painting

This is an artwork that I got from India, and is made from the dust particles/ by-products of when they make jewelry. This entire painting is made from gem stones- not any paint. Looking at the painting is an immediate… Continue Reading →

10 Most Influential Poets in History

I have so many things to say about this visualization- I love the idea and data behind it, but parts of this vis (infographic?) really don’t adhere to the techniques we discussed in the first class. 1: The placement of the… Continue Reading →

Most Trending

Music.ly is an app that I recently discovered, and think it’s a good app to waste some time on. Here is a visualization of the most recently trending hashtags from top to bottom.

Sport: Cricket

source: http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/stats/index.html More and more people use data visualization techniques in sport. Even though, batmen change the wicket when they play, in this visualization uses the single origin. I like that method as it makes it easy to understand.


source:http://www.jdbn.fr/sans-libre%C2%AD-arbitre-pas-dastrologie-qui-tienne-par-sophie-keller-astrologue-conseil/ I think horoscope is a way of data visualization in old days. People were groups into different categories based on the birth time. The visualization is universally similar for various countries.

Break up text message Visualization

UPDATE: Talking to Your Ex: One year of text messages, emails, and gchat post-breakup By: Lam Thuy Vo http://vis4me.com/portfolio/quantified-breakup/, Linked October 2017 I think this visualization is very plain and straightforward. There are many interesting expects that could have been added… Continue Reading →


Source A superstitious symbol in more fanatic Jewish sects. The Shemhamephorash is a depiction of the 72-fold name of Gog, which gave King Solomon the power to build the temple of Solomon. I enjoy this kind of symbolism found in… Continue Reading →

Motion blur sketching

I shot this at a workshop at UBC a few years ago. The workshop was called “You can Draw!” and was based around having participants learning to do some basic sketching shapes and techniques. I tried a long exposure photo… Continue Reading →

Finding the Right Color Palettes for Data Visualizations

  InVision has a great article on how to pick a good color palette for a data vis. They also talk about different challenges when picking colors when there are many varying marks to encode. Can you easily tell the… Continue Reading →

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