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October 7, 2017


One more Giorgia Lupi article. “Data ITEMS: A Fashion Landscape” is on display in a fashion exhibition at MoMA. If you look through images in the article, it shows the scale of this piece– mural-sized, taking up multiple walls. Looking through,… Continue Reading →

Nicole Eisenman

Thinking about timelines

I just (finally) set up a Pinterest account. Judging from my first page of pins, I’m apparently thinking a lot about timelines with data layered together…

Alphonse Mucha

hetics from now-a-days, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alphonse_Mucha#/media/File:Mucha-Mo%C3%ABt_%26_Chandon_Cr%C3%A9mant_Imp%C3%A9rial-1899.jpg) Alphonse Mucha is an art noveau artist that is known for his very distinct style. What I find interesting from his pieces is that his art style seems pretty up-to-date with the aesthetics of now-a-days and… Continue Reading →

Very Obvious Signs

(https://lh6.ggpht.com/JWk0waKYxAVbuIavYsRimLK3859m_s-MWJpSXkoQ8ejLpPvge_iF_xHiomfMAgYb1oF-=w300) Signs have to be iconic enough that they can be easily recognizable at a glance. Everyone recognizes skulls and bones with death, which make them a very intuitive symbol to use for signs that regard danger. Even if it… Continue Reading →

Triangles are the Heart of CG

(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triangle_mesh#/media/File:Dolphin_triangle_mesh.png) Triangles are the foundation for all shapes in computer graphics as they are guaranteed to never be non-planar. Anything with more than 3 points suffer the risk of becoming non-planar, making them un-renderable unless converted to triangles. Triangles are… Continue Reading →


Pointilism  is a technique which uses individual dots or segments that when combined, form an image. I just find it very interesting how the clustering of somewhat sparse dots of similar coloring allow viewers to visualize an image when they… Continue Reading →

Elevator Vis #4

This visualization of the data captures the most information. Gathering start and stop states of each elevator when the timer started, each movement the elevator made, and the known number of people during each ride.(Observed from the first floor) The… Continue Reading →

Pink Lens Effect

http://myartda.com/?ckattempt=3 This picture was drawn by an Korean artist Minjeong who was born 1981. This picture studies the effect of pink lens which is defined by the period when a man and a woman fall in love and neurotransmitters take over reason. Although… Continue Reading →

Keyboard Visualization

October 7 A physical visualization of keyboard usage using 3D printing. Source

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