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October 4, 2017

Judgemental Map

Here is one that’s been going around on Facebook; I’m not sure of the original source. I’m always drawn to visualizations like this that are essentially irrelevant in most regards, but provide perhaps some comic relief. My neighbourhood is simply… Continue Reading →

Elevator Data #1

I watched the elevator for 10 minutes and constructed this based on what I saw. The time goes from 4:25 -4:35, E# represents the elevator that was acting, direction based on if people were entering or exiting on the ground… Continue Reading →

fuzziness via deepdream

after talking about “fuzzy” visualizations in class yesterday, I thought I’d try feeding a visualization of my data through Google’s Deepdream AI hallucinogenic software. Fuzzy…

Deforestation in the Amazon

(https://www.mongabay.com/images/rainforests/deforestation-in-the-amazon.jpg) Chart displays the underlying causes of the deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon for the years of 2000-2005. It can be seen that cattle ranching is the factor that contributes the most to the deforestation, which complies with the fact… Continue Reading →

Nobel Laureates

Reuter’s released this interactive visualization of the history of Nobel Laureates (made with D3!). There are pretty extensive elastic animations between the different kinds of displays. I think they could have been improved by making the animations less elastic, and… Continue Reading →

webkay: What Your Browser Knows About You

A website that shows what your browser knows about you. Nice to see all on one page. Perhaps we could use this data in our own visualizations? http://webkay.robinlinus.com

Carbon Footprint

http://visual.ly/global-carbon-footprint I think the visualization is spot on when it comes to conveying the key message of showing the countries responsible for carbon emission and the degree to which they are responsible. Creating an actual footprint is like a bonus. Although… Continue Reading →

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