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October 3, 2017

Reading Response Characters

. October 3 I decided to visualize the characters used in my class reading response using Xcode’s Swift playgrounds feature. The code works for any set of text so let me know if you want your own response visualized!

Airports Vis

September 30, 2017   Image of the airport networks around the globe.  Near visualization with a lot of lines, I wonder if continental bundling may have helped, or not.

IBM Thinking Sculpture

September 29, 2017 Check this out. Designed by AI (with the help of obvious human involvement in the programming), Watson here created this thinking sculpture inspired by the works of Antonio Gaudi.  “To help SOFTlab create the distinctive 13-foot tall… Continue Reading →

Random cool vis

September 27, 2017 Found this image online.  I believe it was on Pinterest.  It is a big data visualization but given the fact I did not have a pinterest account I could not dig deeper.  Really liked the visual aesthetics… Continue Reading →

Mapping context to subject

September 26, 2017 RE: Huffington Post Emails and the world of yahoo mail.  Just liked this infographic for the sheer fact that it helps illustrate the number of generations required to read the emails processed by yahoo in a single… Continue Reading →


ICT Good Earth Whenever I go to a coffee shop they have every size of their cup in a row on display with a label. I was wondering if this counted as a physicalization? I don’t usually see a list… Continue Reading →

Tree Map

A tree-map of my work hard drive generated using WinDirStat. I think it’s powerful albeit not very informative on its own. For example, the giant red rectangle is actually a single text file I have been working with for my… Continue Reading →


I just found out you can hyperlink the images so click the image to find the source. I found this particular graph to be interesting due the ease of ability in understanding what exactly is going on in the graph…. Continue Reading →

Object Dump

Object dump taken from an executable file on my computer. The dump is quite hard to understand on its own without the use of reference materials or previous knowledge.  

emoji scatterplot

playing with different ways to look at my project data – this time, using a scatterplot generated by scatterplot.online, with data grouped by faculty, sized by # of students, and with the tokens being emojis to represent the semester. Not… Continue Reading →

From CAIT, this viz lets users explore Climate Data.

History of Science Fiction

This is an illustration of the history of science fiction, created by Ward Shelley. I like the lack of precision that comes with the representation because it expresses the kind of “fuzziness” that comes with actually defining the history of science… Continue Reading →

Netflix Appreciation

(www.netflix.com) Netflix actually has some of the easiest ways to browse through videos that I’ve ever found. It organizes everything in a way that is efficient, yet possible to get more information if needed. Goals for an information visualization!

The Beauty of Coding IDEs

(My Visual Studio Code) I was actually thinking about it this morning, and the idea of not being able to use auto-complete scared the heck out of me. I feel like Visual Studios is kind of like the idea of… Continue Reading →

Daily Intake Pyramid

I find this visualization aesthetically very pleasing. But I don’t think it represents what most of the people do on a regular basis. At least as a graduate student, I cannot live with myself if I spent 9 hours a… Continue Reading →

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