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October 1, 2017

Fibonacci Sequins

Fibonacci Sequins – Designed by Nina Paley using Theodore Gray’s Mathematica Fibonacci Spiral tool. Hand-beaded, sequined and bound by Nina. PaleGray labs was a tremendous inspiration when completing my undergrad research. Last week in class someone mentioned that Transmog could be used to display mathematical concepts…. Continue Reading →

Economic Disparity

Source A powerful image that portrays something as abstract as wealth, without showing any actual currency. Here you can see the divide an unequal distribution of wealth that is so apparent, that between two neighbours on, there is a noticeable… Continue Reading →

The Angels Share

Source with Proof A clever way of visualizing the exact aging process of Whiskey by showing the literal aging process of whiskey. In this photo you can clearly see two things happening 1) The “angles share” phenomenon in which during aging,… Continue Reading →

Listen to Any Radio Channel in the World!

A family member sent this to me on WhatsApp. It’s a website/app where you can literally listen to any radio station in the WORLD! When you load the page, it shows you the entire rotating globe with green dots on… Continue Reading →

Travel and Culture

I really like travel-related things, and this is from a travel magazine that I was reading. It shows the cultural patterns of different countries woven into the same kind of cloth- all on one page- well two. I think this… Continue Reading →

The Daily Routines of Famously Creative People

I really like this visualization! While their list of “famously creative people” is somewhat disappointing, I really like the interactions and exploration encouraged by this vis. You can see overall trends (so few people have day jobs, but food/leisure was definitely… Continue Reading →

LEGO-ing my data

Actually, this was surprisingly useful. Will be exploring more. Need more lego…

Global Forest Watch: This is a viz of Calgary area with hard Erosion in black as compared to Tree Cover Loss. I would have liked to compare the live fires from the summer around Banff to erosion but the tool… Continue Reading →

Top Apple Music Songs

October 1 I created a visualization of the top Apple Music songs in Swift Playgrounds. The duration of the song is correlated to the radius of the circle. The filled dots down the middle are markers for visual guidance. With… Continue Reading →

Village of 100 People

http://gentlemanbug.com/post/45687896208/world-of-100 A graphics designer named Toby Ng designed this image. He tries to represent different stats about people in a way that allows common people to engage very easily. I think I can further simplify this image by removing the… Continue Reading →

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