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September 30, 2017


The Depth of the Problem – Richard Johnson and Ben Chartoff – The Washington Post. https://www.washingtonpost.com/apps/g/page/world/the-depth-of-the-problem/931/ , Linked September 2017 Sometimes numbers are too big and it helps to benchmark them against more tangible objects such that the scale isn’t lost… Continue Reading →

Where the Animals Go

This is from an article about a new book called Where the Animals Go by James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti. This picture seems to be a part of a series that goes into more depth, but this gives an overview of baboon… Continue Reading →


This is another AR visualization of some global data visualized on top of a globe. I think this is much more interesting than the previous example I posted because it takes advantage of the 3D capabilities by using a 3D… Continue Reading →

Space usage in AR

While looking for ideas on how I might visualize information using AR, this is something I came across via Google. I don’t know what the data is that is being visualized. There’s a lot going on here but I can’t… Continue Reading →

Sketch 10

This is one of the ten sketches I drew for my data set. I plan to use AR to visualize the data. I noticed that during my sketches I was sort of planning out ways for users to interact with… Continue Reading →


This is a cool word visualization I found through Google that shows which emotions are portrayed by each song on the Beatles’ album Revolver. I like that they’ve chosen to highlight only one song at a time instead of showing… Continue Reading →

What is this?

There has definitely been a theme my recent posts! This is me trying to gather ideas. Another Google search result for word visualizations is here. I’m not at all familiar with this style of visualization so I don’t know how… Continue Reading →

Category bubbles

And another word visualization! This one is a bit different in that shows how many times words in each category are used. I assume that many words fall into multiple categories, such as “taste” and “sour”. This is another image… Continue Reading →


I’ve spent some time investigating different ways to visualize words since I will need to do this for my project. This is another one I came across that was presented to me on Google Images. I like how this one… Continue Reading →

Global Forest Watch has created visualizations of watersheds. Here you can see Erosion as compared to Potential Forest Gain.

data sketch

thinking about constructive visualization, and playing with ideas to map my data into Lego space…

The Sound a Car Makes

September 30 A group of 28 students wrote down the sound a car makes. I created a simple visualization to show the differences in their responses.

Extinct Species

https://www.flickr.com/photos/networkosaka/3581969837/sizes/o/in/photostream/ At first, I thought this image is considering all species and that’s why I was very interested to find out the exact percentage of species that are endangered. But, when I saw the section between 51-100 years I was… Continue Reading →

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