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September 27, 2017

Not a pie graph

This chart was in a paper I had to read for another class called Methodology Matters by Joseph E. McGrath. It classifies different research methodologies into quadrants. I found this interesting because it took me a while to realize it… Continue Reading →

Google bus times…

I really hate the way google maps has chosen to display the bus times. Is it too much to ask to be able to easily see the exact time the bus will come instead of the relative time? Am I… Continue Reading →

Words words words

The data set I’ve chosen for my project depends a lot on words and phrases, and I’ve been struggling to come up with interesting ways to visualize it. I turned to the internet for inspiration but it seems the world… Continue Reading →

AR Vis

I’m going to be doing my thesis research in augmented reality, so I googled some images of visualization that have been done in augmented reality so I can explore ways to combine this course with my research area. I found… Continue Reading →

Bitter Taste

This graph proves every person has different tastes. For example, I don’t know how red apples was placed below the X- axis. Also feels like peaches were placed uncomfortably high.

Sketchbook Book

In the spirit of finishing our 10 sketches, here’s an image from the Infographics Designers Sketchbooks (which I’ve never read, but appears to have many pretty pictures, some from Giorgia Lupi of Dear Data). Some of these are very detailed and make me feel… Continue Reading →

Practice in Futility

Source Many of you may know about this image which is the Free speech flag. For those of you who do not know about this flag, this image is actually the cryptographic key for HD DVD and Blu-ray disc copying…. Continue Reading →

Map layers

It is difficult to create a map to represent real world in a digital map. Different layers is helpful to clearly visualize selected properties.    

C-train map

This map does not include scale or accurate direction. However, it is easy to understand for general public.

Corruption and development

It is difficult use label to identify all the countries in the graph. They have selected useful countries related to the study/purpose. source:

thinking about violin plots

Encoding density data in a chart – I’m also wondering how I could adapt these to show temporal data, by grouping…


Relationship Visualization

A Multidimensional Approach to Characterizing and Visualizing Latent Relationships in Enterprise Social Networks by Michael J. Burns and Brian D. Friedman I would categorize this as a bad visualization. It is visually unappealing(feels very 1990s) and there are several visual variables being wasted… Continue Reading →


(https://i.pinimg.com/736x/37/ef/85/37ef85aae6b98acb8a193574219b0a1a–surrealism-painting-train-art.jpg) Surrealism is an art style that distorts the interpretation of reality. The unreal becomes blended with the real, and our perception is completely modified.

Facebook Matchup Game

September 27 I decided to create another social media game / visualization. Match up the status with the person who posted it. In this example I did not use the real names of my Facebook friends to hide their identity.

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