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September 26, 2017

Sleep Schedule

Source A dad made a visualization of his daughters sleep schedule after her birth. Each layer represents a single 24 hour period. I like how you can see that the daughters schedule completely inverted within her first few weeks. Even… Continue Reading →

Scrum Board

A photo of the Scrum board in my office. I thought it was neat because you wouldn’t normally think that post-it notes on a whiteboard would be a visualization, but in this scenario my coworkers and I decided that this… Continue Reading →

Procrastination Chart

Image source: Graphjam.com For me there should be a part for playing computer games. But the pink color portion would be quite small for sure. In addition there would be lots of power naps.  

NO MORE MONKEYS…. seriously… stop.

Source(Hart. V., Segermna. H. “The Quaternion Group as a Symmetry Group.” Proceedings of Bridges 2014: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture. 2014) Stereographic projection of four dimensional objects in 3 dimensional space. An interesting approach to understanding higher dimensional data. Helps… Continue Reading →

Sloane’s Gap

Source (Gauvrit, Nicolas; Delahaye, Jean-Paul; Zenil, Hector. “Sloane’s Gap. Mathematical and Social Factors Explain the Distribution of Numbers in the OEIS”. eprint arXiv:1101.4470. 01/2011.) Sloane’s gap is an interesting phenomenon that was only discovered due to this visualization. The x… Continue Reading →

Visualize Concepts

Source When I see this animation, I think of the purpose of visualizations in general; They are used to associate an abstract concept to a visual. This specific gif uses a visualization to explain the process behind Fourier Transformation which… Continue Reading →

9 trillion gallons of water

As hurricanes Harvey and Irma dumped water on Houston, the numbers were beyond comprehension. How do you make sense of 9 trillion gallons of water? That’s a lot, right? The Washington Post came up with this: It’s not a chart… Continue Reading →


(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anamorphosis#/media/File:Anamorphosis_chair.jpg) Anamorphosis is the use of distorted projections that require special devices or vantage points to recreate the original image. This technique has been used many time to hide information within images, where only the knowledgeable viewer would be able… Continue Reading →

CO2 Emissions and Income

On this round of “I Think This Is a Cool Concept, But Your Lack of Labeling Confuses Me,” I introduce this graph originally published by Oxfam, and reproduced in the above Vox article about population and the environment. So, I think… Continue Reading →

Taken from a video about an installation by Roman Ondak at the Tate where 90,000 participants have recorded their personal data.

Blog Conversation Topics

ConVis: A Visual Text Analytic System for Exploring Blog Conversations By E. Hoque and G. Carenini This Visualization is very similar to the book theme one I posted earlier. This one shows the topics of blog posts. Interestingly it is almost… Continue Reading →


(https://photo-viewbug.s3.amazonaws.com/media/mediafiles/2014/02/06/10372651_large1300.jpg) The eyes of this cat are absolutely stunning to me – however, if an information visualization was represented as those eyes, it would look amazing, but no information can be gleaned from it. I’ve been working on visualizations all… Continue Reading →

Lazy, or creative?

(http://assets2.ignimgs.com/2016/04/22/pyrejpg-6d9f3e_1280w.jpg) This image is actually from one of my all time favourite games – Pyre. I remember playing games by the same maker and thinking that, “Wow, I feel like their art style could be better.” However, when I was… Continue Reading →

Human Perception

(https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/110/images/54466-1-1401582271.gif) I was talking with one of my coworkers yesterday about the level of detail needed within a visualization, and whether we could reduce detail in order to improve performance. While we were having our discussion, he brought up how… Continue Reading →

Star Glyphs

From another project that we are working on in our lab, also to do with Nova Chemicals. Also done by my coworker, but I remember seeing this visualization and completely taken aback by how much information you could actually gain… Continue Reading →

Colour Schemes

(https://github.com/d3/d3-scale-chromatic) I was talking to a professor yesterday and we started discussing colour themes for using in visualizations. He also brought in the idea of using hue and saturation as two different visual variables, which brings me to this image…. Continue Reading →

Detailed Mesh Creation

The lab that I’m currently working in (Agile Surface Engineering Lab) had a project with Nova Chemicals throughout the summer. This code is actually written by a coworker of mine, but I actually thought he did a fabulous job with… Continue Reading →

Design vs Visualization

(https://www.upwork.com/hiring/design/what-is-3d-visualization-who-does-it-why-do-you-need-it/) I think the fact that they call the second image a visualization is not really accurate – from what I can tell, it does not provide any actual information about anything, just the fact that it looks cool.


September 26 I got a haircut. In many wait the cut hair on the floor is data. It’s how much hair I grew over the past ~3 months.

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