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September 24, 2017

Logo Drawings

This is one of many diagrams showing the accuracy of drawings done of company logos from memory (check out the link for more fun examples). I wanted to bring some attention to it, though, because I was somewhat confused when… Continue Reading →

Air Purifier

This plant is supposed to be an air purifier for homes. Thus, the number of leaves in this plant are proportional to how clean the air is in my house. It is a direct physical representation with cause and effect.

Mind your step – data vis

September 25, 2017 Found this data visualization while browsing the net and thought it deserved some additional love.  I thoroughly enjoy the aesthetics of the data visualization as not only does it seek to make the most important facts predominantly… Continue Reading →

Frozen in Time: Not a Sculpture

This is a sculpture that I made in my grade 11 art class. It’s actually not a sculpture, but an imprint of my arms/hands at the time. I made a cast of my hands using gauze and filled it with… Continue Reading →

Pie Charts v2.x

September 24, 2017   Nothing too crazy happening here.  I just like the simplicity of it.  The use of numbers to help dictate the proportions of the pie in addition to the varied sizes to help create that link.  While… Continue Reading →

Musical tubes.

September 23, 2017 While this is suppose to be a representation of plastic tubes, they look metallic or computer generated to me.  Personally, I feel the visual blends music with industrial.  The five horizontal lines remind me of a fret… Continue Reading →

Reinventing the Colour Wheel

This is the collection of nail polish colours that I own. I think looking at this picture will help me to keep track of the colours that I already have and the brands that I prefer when I try to… Continue Reading →

How men and women see colors differently

https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/69805862950325506/ Color is in beholder’s eye. Great visualization of how the perceptions vary based on a person’s sex.

My viz painting is coming along, and I am interested in how the data creates abstracted form.

The Ebb and Flow of Movies

The Ebb and Flow of Movies: Box Office Receipts 1986 – 2008 Published by The New York Time, and created by Baseline StudioSystems; BoxOffice Mojo, Mathew Bloch, Ledd Byron, Shan Carter, and Amanda Cox. February 23, 2008 http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2008/02/23/movies/20080223_REVENUE_GRAPHIC.html , Linked 2017… Continue Reading →

earth temperature timeline

This chart from Randall Munroe (XKCD, What If?) is an interesting use of vertical axis to show the sheer scale of 22,000 years of climate change (and to show that recent warming is waaaaaay beyond anything seen before). At first,… Continue Reading →

Ghost Towns Alberta

September 24 I created a map of all of the abandoned ‘ghost towns’ in Alberta from an article on Wikipedia. I’m interested in visiting some of them in the future. Let me know if you share this same interest! Google… Continue Reading →

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