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September 20, 2017

Bizarre Bicycle

https://twitter.com/dynarski/status/737993058445369344 I kind of like the idea of comparing teacher and student relationship with riding a bicycle where teacher pedaling and student sitting back and following. For some may be a roller coaster ride would be more appropriate :p

Dots Aplenty

There’s a couple of other vises (vis’s? vizes?) in this article, but this one stuck out to me as being very minimal- just three dots spaced out in one dimension. I think this is entirely task-based because there’s not a… Continue Reading →

Female graduates by field of study

This is another visualization I came across during my hunt for a data set on this topic. This one shows the percentage of female university graduates according to field of study. This is a topic I am becoming increasingly interested… Continue Reading →

Goodreads lack of vis

For this post, I’d like to point out a visualization I would like to see on the GoodReads app which isn’t there. I can see individual books I’ve read as well as genres I’m interested in. But I’d like to… Continue Reading →

Female STEM graduates

I originally wanted to use some data related to this topic for my data set, but couldn’t find anything that would work for me. This is a visualization from Statistics Canada showing the differences in male and female university graduates… Continue Reading →

Streak over :(

Duolingo telling me about the loss of my 84 day streak. I liked it better when that flame was orange! Although the grey effectively tells me I screwed up.

Bill Nye

A very accurate visualization of my childhood learning… Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! (Taken from a post someone shared on Facebook)

Pokemon Interactive Vis

Ph.D. Kirell Benzi http://www.kirellbenzi.com/wp-content/uploads/pokemon-viz/pokemon.html, linked September 2017 A visualization of the youtube videos that mentioned “Pokemon” after the release of the new Pokemon Go game. This image represents almost 50 000 videos, where links show video connected by playlists, color/shade is… Continue Reading →

Looking at how architecture treats maps. I like the design of the grey map with the highlight.

I Am a Space Pirate

A drawing I made for a side project a few months ago. Even though its more of a “fantastical” piece, it can still be interpreted differently by whoever is currently looking at it, as viewers can project their own ideas… Continue Reading →

Data Sketch 001

First, hesitant sketch of the data. I picked a subset to start – classes on mondays during f2017 – and explored with an aggregate timeline.

Fractal Font

Download the PDFs: a   b   c September 20 Inspired by Fat Fonts, I began to think of other ways we could visualize text. With fractal fonts you can continuously scroll into the text to reveal each character of a word…. Continue Reading →

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