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September 19, 2017

Wikipedia Edits

https://www.wired.com/2008/06/pb-visualizing/ Thousands of Wikipedia edits done by a single software bot where each color represents a different page. Although I don’t understand how this visualization will help me solving any problem or understanding any deep insight about those edits.

I’m including this photo because sometimes we delete accidents as being without value, but I find that often, they can help the creative process.

Coffee Vis

I like this visualization, as it compares and contrasts a single persons coffee consumption with their countries. In addition, I find it interesting that it presents facts the creator has deemed relative alongside the personal visualization (such as average cost)

Disorganized Cables

My wife always mocks me because I like to keep my cables as organized as possible. After reflecting on why I prefer my cables tidy, I realized that it is due to a mix of both the aesthetic as well… Continue Reading →

Medieval Art

Early Medieval art was detailed and used bright colors but did not attempt to accurately recreate the 3D world, as Perspective was only developed in the late 14th century. You can notice that the women are practically the size of… Continue Reading →

Time Map

MapBox has released a (new?) type of map that integrates time to destination as a visual overlay. As they describe their thought processes on this blog post (https://blog.mapbox.com/a-new-kind-of-map-its-about-time-7bd9f7916f7f), they sought to create a map that more reflects how people communicate… Continue Reading →

historic traffic fatalities in the US

Interesting, but missing one more bit about total number of vehicles driven each year. Rate of fatalities is waaaaaaay down since the middle of last century, but total fatalities are still high – are more vehicles on the road now?… Continue Reading →

My Netflix History – Fall 2016

September 19 I decided to visualize my Netflix history, from last Fall semester, as a ‘forest’ of data. Each branch on the tree is one episode watched. Interestingly, I found a gap in the data. There must have been a… Continue Reading →

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