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September 16, 2017

Page Of Bubbles

Quite an interesting idea to convert a page into bubbles based on the frequency of the word used. One can easily get an idea about the content of a page.

Shot of the dragon’s body at night. Seemed like a giant waste of energy but then we did appreciate all the warmth it generated.

Sleep Cycle Photoshop Effects

September 16, 2017 About one month of sleep data was collected (August 20 – September 16) with Sleep Cycle from the end of summer break to my first week of classes in grad school. I took a screenshot of each… Continue Reading →

The Epitome of Vagueness

(Graph posted by Alan Farrell TD‏)  This graph is supposed to depict the unemployment rate for the last 5 years. Sure it looks pretty and hopeful, but its lack of details prevents me from having any idea of what metrics were… Continue Reading →

Interesting Advertisements

(http://innovatethinking.com/2011/12/creative-ads-91/) It’s always cool to see an advertisement with a double entendre – it definitely helps to guide the viewer to infer the actual message of the ad.

Network of Poems That Would Make an English Major Weep

(https://deterritorialinvestigations.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/ekphrasis_network_grouped_topic4.jpg) This relationship map is beyond extreme. I honestly gave up on reading it about 5 seconds in. Too much information is clustered in a small amount of space.

A Confusing Graph of Confusing Graphs

(https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CZr6VMXXEAA2K0Z.jpg) This graph just made me laugh. Its always annoying when you’re trying to interpret a badly made graph of a confusing data set, which was perfectly represented here. The colors are dizzying and the axis values are beyond vague…. Continue Reading →

3 years of growth

My son outgrew his snowboard, so we got a new one to replace it. The old one got him through 3 seasons of learning – he’s now far better than I’ll ever be – and it struck me, seeing both… Continue Reading →

Preattemptive processing

(Fig 1 – Healey, Christopher G. “Perception in Vizualization.” Perception in Visualization, -, 0ADAD, www.csc2.ncsu.edu/faculty/healey/PP/. ) Preattemptive processing occurs when the viewer’s attention is directed almost automatically to a specific deviation in a data set. Notice how your eyes are rapidly… Continue Reading →


My frequently used emojis as a visualization of the emotions I express over text message. I wonder how this will change as the stress of the school year inevitably grows.

Favorite artist

(The Kiss, Gustav Klimt) Gustav Klimt is one of my favorite artists and “The Kiss” one of my favorite paintings. Even though the cloaks surrounding the couple is highly detailed, the viewer is almost immediately drawn to the faces of… Continue Reading →


Spoiler Alert! A friend of mine recently sent me this (not quite up-to-date) summary of deaths, allegiances, and some major characters in Game of Thrones. To me, the most interesting part of this is the use of darker/lighter colours and… Continue Reading →

The Sea and the Jungle

This is the cover of a book I recently started reading called The Sea And The Jungle by H.M. Tomlinson. I like the “carving” style of the artwork and how much detail the artists were able to get into it… Continue Reading →


An entertaining image which seems to pretend to be a data visualization in the form of a pie chart, but which is really only an image of a pyramid after reading the legend. An interesting trick! (Taken from the internet,… Continue Reading →

Hand Made Physicalization

[Swaminathan et al. 2014] This illustrates the construction process Doug McCune went through to create a 3D heat map which shows the quality of elementary schools in San Franciso. This was a case study presented in the “Creating Physical Visualization with MakerVis”… Continue Reading →

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