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September 15, 2017

Languages Of The World

I came across an interesting article where it was mentioned that there are 6909 different languages exist in the world as of 2009. An interesting picture was given alongside that shows the origin and different branches of these languages. The… Continue Reading →

few data points

I got this after getting some blood work done. 2 samples do not make a very useful line graph.

Embroidery Visualization

This is a visualization I created last year with the embroidery machine from the Fab Lab. It tracks heart rate over a 45-minute workout. Where the distance from the center is heart rate (marked at 10 bpm intervals) and the… Continue Reading →

A piece I finished this summer

iPhone Home Screen Colours

September 15   I took the colors of the apps on my iPhone’s home screen and simplified the icons into four primary colors each. These are the colours I see every day when I unlock my phone. What colours do… Continue Reading →

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