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September 14, 2017

Pizza Toppings Preference

September 14 I visited Pizza Hut and asked them for a side of each topping they offer on their pizzas. After, I grouped them into three bins: Toppings I always like – Banana Peppers, Marinated Tomatoes, Roasted Garlic, Pineapple, Ham,… Continue Reading →

Heat Maps

https://www.analyticsvidhya.com/blog/2015/05/data-visualization-resource/ I was searching for different articles regarding different data visualization tools used in sports and I came across an article where they talk about how heat maps can be used to identify where most goals are coming from and… Continue Reading →

Real life layering of information as viewed from the LRT.

3D Pie Charts

I would consider this a bad visualization. It asks the reader to interpret a two-dimensional representation of three dimensions I believe pie charts best represent parts of a whole and should, therefore, use percentages that add to 100. (Not to… Continue Reading →

raw numbers vs. per-thousand residents

census data on “high earners” by province. Globe and Mail made a chart of raw numbers, but it’s misleading without the “what proportion of the population is that?” per-thousand-residents calculation… Update: I made a quick version using Les’ calculations:

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