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September 13, 2017

Reddit Crossword Puzzle

September 13 I created a crossword puzzle using the Reddit posts as the descriptions, and their respective subreddits as the answers.

The Bow Artwork

Recently I visited “The Bow” building with my cousin located in Downtown, Calgary where I found this artwork located on the 52nd floor. I was finding it difficult to extract some meaning out of the artwork except a background with… Continue Reading →

Cuban beach after Irma. I think the count of these birds made this catastrophe hit home.


Students “vote with their feet” during a session in the TI. human-scale visualization of… what?

axes sketch

I use two-axis sketches to help me think about tools and systems, and how they interconnect or lead to different kinds of uses. This one is a super-early diagram of some of the online learning tools at UofC (with only… Continue Reading →

Vincent Van Gogh

I choose this Vincent Van Gogh self-portrait as he was mentioned in lecture (and I visited his museum this summer). Van Gogh did not use lines and colour to replicate the world exactly as it was but instead to convey… Continue Reading →

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